What can we learn from the news of Sulli (f(x) member)’s death?

This was indeed a tragedy, and many kpop stars have expressed their feelings about her suicide; and the relation to both mental illness and the effect of cyber-bullying on people’s health. Sulli was only 25 when she died, which makes it even more tragic as she’s the youngest kpop star to die pre-maturely since the […]

What will it take for KPop to overtake American pop music?

Kpop will never overtake American pop music. Patriotism factor – Americans will support American artists over Korean artists Korean artists don’t speak English well. This is a massive barrier. No American is going to listen to some song where they don’t understand the lyrics. And no, most Americans are not crazy BTS ARMY fans who […]

Why is mainland China’s entertainment bad and not good as Japan’s or Korea’s? Japan has anime while Korea has K-pop.

If I had a guess why China’s soft power isn’t as good as Korea’s or Japan’s its probably because: Unlike Korea and Japan, 50% of China’s population is still living in rural areas and ALOT of Chinese are still poor, poor enough to care more about economic growth than about exporting entertainment – in other […]