What are the top 10 things that Chinese don’t know about Korea?

I think the biggest and #1 misconception China has about Korea is that they often think Koreans are much more arrogant and vain than they actually are. I think their impressions of Koreans = nationalistic netizens. But those are not the everyday Korean people, just like how nationalistic Chinese netizens do not represent the average Chinese.

Since 2013 I’ve been back to Korea each and every year, and I’ve never met any Korean that hated China or thought that Korea was better than China or thought that Confucius/chinese festivals/chinese history/etc was Korean, never. Yet this is a widespread belief amongst Chinese people both I met in person and online, I’m not exactly sure why.

Personally from my experience (both online and in person), I’ve found that Chinese people brag a lot more about their country than Koreans do. Many Koreans actually dislike their country a lot (young peoples call it ‘Hell Joseon’) and one of the main differences I’ve found between Korean and Chinese is that Koreans lack a lot of self-confidence (either in their English or appearance or abilities, etc) whereas Chinese are very confident in themselves. So I don’t know how Chinese could think that Koreans are arrogant unless their opinion comes from nationalistic Korean netizens only (2002 World Cup controversy etc I’ve never met a Korean who actually brought up this topic in person, only online).

I think #2 misconception is that USA controls South Korea and can order it to attack anyone they want but its not true:

After becoming a democracy in the 1990s, the South Korean government assumed peacetime command of its 655,000 active military personnel.

The South Korean military coordinates closely with the Combined Forces Command and the United Nations Command led by U.S. General Vincent Brooks, who is also commander of the 28,500-plus member U.S. military force in Korea.

In wartime, the U.S. commander would assume control of South Korean forces as well, but it is not an automatic transfer of command. The South Korean president has to first agree to cede that control.

South Korea could soon take control of its own wartime operations from the USSouth Korea actually has full control over its military even in war-time in the near future

Who’s the most ridiculously good-looking person you’ve ever met?

People who follow my answers have a good idea already that I’m attracted to Korean women a lot. I find most Korean women attractive just on the basis of their appearance, fashion, attention to detail, feminine and sweet personality, traditional Confucian values etc

a lot of the women I see walking around in the Hongdae, Itaewon and Gangnam areas of Seoul are quite attractive.

I would like to share one story though. I met an unbelievably gorgeous woman through an online app in Seoul and originally I thought we were only going to do language exchange. Since her Kakao profile did not show her face I initially didn’t know what she was going look like.

When I was waiting for her outside of Gangnam exit 10, I had to double – triple check myself to make sure this was the right girl. She had a supermodel looking figure, flawless skin and a really cute face. She was wearing a really low cut short black dress and high heels that day..

At first I thought we were only going to do language exchange but then when she was walking with me, a car came past and she quickly grabbed my arm and said ‘you’re supposed to protect me!’. And then I realized that it was not language exchange she wanted but an actual date! And I almost shit my pants there because I couldn’t believe a girl this beautiful wanted to go on a date with me.

Anyways I took her to a Chinese restaurant and a cafe – where she actually said to me that she would consider dating me but since I was leaving back to US soon she was disappointed. As was I… I still can’t believe a girl that gorgeous actually wanted to date me.

So yes that was the most beautiful girl I actually talked with and not just stared at. And it boosts my confidence too. Now I know even though I’m not the most handsome guy – at least I was handsome enough for a girl like that.
(and no I dont have any pics of her because i was too nervous to take a pic with her and she never showed off herself online because she was too modest..)

What strikes first time visitors as special or unusual when they arrive in Seoul?

  1. Lots of beautiful girls. Almost all korean girls wear makeup and dress up very well.
  2. Fast process for everything. Never needed anything mailed to me like in the US. Same day procedures for almost everything
  3. Subway is probably the best in the world
  4. Airport is also probably the best in the world
  5. Streets are dirty at night but all of it gets cleaned up by the morning
  6. cheap alcohol and people drink all the way until early morning
  7. Koreans are better at English than other Asians in general
  8. Coffee shops are everywhere. why is coffee so much more popular in Korea than tea? no idea
  9. super fast internet but they use internet explorer, oh the irony
  10. You need a massive deposit if you want to live in a place in Korea. I’m talking like $5–10k. This is surprising because in the US you usually only need 2–3 months worth of rent.
  11. It’s not as expensive as other Asian megacities. Rent in Seoul can be $300–$400 , which i think is cheaper than Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, HK or Singapore.
  12. The winters are not as cold as I expected. the coldest it gets is about -15 degrees in Dec/Jan but the average temperature is around -5 to -10 usually. that’s not so bad. I was born in northeast china and lived in Toronto so I thought it would be similar but was pleasantly surprised. You also see women walking around in very thin stockings (god bless them) as if the cold didn’t even exist at all.