Why is it easy to find Westerners obsessed with Japan and Korea, but not China?

  1. China lacks cultural exports because they focus on their domestic market. Korea has kpop, Japan has anime
  2. China is/was communist (even if its in name only) and USA is staunchly anti-communist
  3. Western media always focuses on lack of freedoms, censorships and human rights issues in China rather than the positive sides of China
  4. China is ‘taking away US jobs’ and an evolving superpower
  5. Chinese tourist’s bad reputation certainly doesn’t help

Is Shanghai better than Seoul? Why?

both great cities! Shanghai is my favorite city in China, it’s definitely the most modern Chinese city. Comparing the two – Shanghai is more diverse and cosmopolitan, it’s also the bigger city of the two (24 million vs 10 million).

Both places are very expensive to live in, but Shanghai is slightly more unaffordable for the locals I think. You will definitely find more Koreans working in Shanghai then Chinese working in Seoul. Shanghai has the most english speaking Chinese in China, and Seoul has the most english speaking Koreans in Korea, I mean they are the biggest cities of their respective countries.

Both have great metro systems, and great nightlife, and skyscrapers but Shanghai has more modern looking ones because it developed later.

You can’t really go wrong with either for travelling or living as an expat it just depends what you want. Shanghai will definitely give you more variety in terms of food, people, etc Seoul just like the rest of Korea you will find people conform to one standard, one look, one style and stick to it. For me, that’s great I like Korean style, but for others I can see why they think Seoul lacks diversity compared to Tokyo or Shanghai.