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  • Who is a better basketball player: LeBron James or Kobe Bryant?

    Lebron James. It’s honestly not even close. It someone irks me that so many casual fans and die hard Laker fans still want to keep Kobe in the GOAT discussion, but Kobe just isn’t in that discussion. Let’s go over the reasons why Lebron is better: Lebron has more awards. Lebron has more MVPs, FMVPs, […]

  • Who is your least favorite Los Angeles Lakers player of all time?

    Kobe Bryant. This dude is so selfish and egotistical, locker room cancer, blames everything on his teammates, hogs the ball, took leagues highest salary knowing he was injured, went on a self gratification retirement tour, and oh also – thinks he’s the GOAT. He’s not only my least favorite Laker all time he’s probably my […]

  • Debunking NBA Myths: Was Kobe ‘robbed’ of MVPs?

    It’s true that he was never the unquestionable best player in the league. During his prime (2003–2011) he usually had Duncan/Lebron to compete with, and to a lesser extent Nash and Dirk who also competed with Kobe for MVPs during that time. Since a lot of Kobe fans like to talk about his MVPs getting […]