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  • Who was a better all around player- Oscar Robertson or Jerry West?

    Depends what you mean by ‘all around’ this is a question that usually means a player who can score a lot, rebound a lot and pass a lot. The other definition is ‘two way’ player – one who can do everything offensively, and defensively. I will say that Oscar fits the ‘all around’ definition better […]

  • Who is the best all-around player in NBA history?

    There’s many definitions about what ‘all around’ means – does it mean good on both ends of the court (two way player) or does it mean good at scoring, rebounding and distributing. I’m going to actually go with both. Here are the top 5 players that are great at scoring, rebounding, distributing and playing both ends of the […]

  • What bothers you the most about NBA fans?

    The whole “Finals record” argument. I don’t think casuals look deeper than just looking at who won and who lost. They just look at W vs L and that’s it. Basketball is a 5v5 game, it’s not like boxing or tennis, it’s not an individual sport. But at the same time, basketball doesn’t have as […]