In what ways do Chinese, Japanese, and Korean culture differ from each other?

Of course any answer to this question is going to be a generalization, but I’ve been in all three countries and have friends from all three countries so let me offer you my take: Appearance – Japanese Japanese girls usually wear makeup, a lot of them dye their hair, 60% ish don’t wear glasses. They […]

What is your opinion about China and Chinese people?

I guess I come from the unique perspective of having been to all the East Asian countries (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea) and my feelings about China has changed because of this. Roughly 30% of my friends are Chinese and 40% Korean. Before I lived in Korea, I was in China for a few months, visiting […]

Which country is better to live in, South Korea or Japan?

Korea for me. Having also been to Japan before, there a few reasons why I like Korea better. #1 is cost of living. Tokyo costs way more to live in than Seoul. Koreans like to think Seoul is expensive – it’s not – compared to Tokyo and Shanghai, Seoul is downright reasonable. #2 is Koreans […]