Which country is better to live in, South Korea or Japan?

Korea for me. Having also been to Japan before, there a few reasons why I like Korea better. #1 is cost of living. Tokyo costs way more to live in than Seoul. Koreans like to think Seoul is expensive – it’s not – compared to Tokyo and Shanghai, Seoul is downright reasonable. #2 is Koreans […]

Comparisons of East Asia, China vs America

I just finished my trip to Taiwan, which concludes the last East Asian country I’ll be visiting. I visited China first in 2011, then Korea in 2013, then Japan and Taiwan this year. I already talked about some of these differences. Below you can see some videos I made. I think that every one of […]

Japan vs Korea vs China, Inter-Asian relationships

I’m back from Japan! which means I now have been to the three major East Asian countries, Japan Korea and China. Which means I can do a fair comparison between all three. Cost of living Japan is the costliest for sure. Not only is it about 20-30% more expensive than Korea on everything, but a […]