When will made in China be as respected as made in Japan or made in Korea?

The thing is made in China encompasses such a diverse array of products. IPhones and MacBooks are made in China, but those are often thought of as high quality products. Most people associate made in China products with cheap knock off products on Walmart and Amazon, and that’s true, there is a lot of Chinese […]

Why is it easy to find Westerners obsessed with Japan and Korea, but not China?

China lacks cultural exports because they focus on their domestic market. Korea has kpop, Japan has anime China is/was communist (even if its in name only) and USA is staunchly anti-communist Western media always focuses on lack of freedoms, censorships and human rights issues in China rather than the positive sides of China China is […]

Why is mainland China’s entertainment bad and not good as Japan’s or Korea’s? Japan has anime while Korea has K-pop.

If I had a guess why China’s soft power isn’t as good as Korea’s or Japan’s its probably because: Unlike Korea and Japan, 50% of China’s population is still living in rural areas and ALOT of Chinese are still poor, poor enough to care more about economic growth than about exporting entertainment – in other […]