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  • New gadget update (Nov 2014, before I leave)

    Ok, so now that I’m going to Korea, and also learned not to be as materialistic, I’m getting rid of alot of my crap. So here’s the stuff that I’m keeping and bringing to Korea. Here’s my tech gadgets as of present (Jul 2014): Computers Lenovo Thinkpad X240 What can I say? I used to […]

  • Backbone Apps, Express Apps, Client side unit tests, Korean, Gadgets, Videos

    Thanksgiving is coming soon, and these days it does seem like I need a break. What an interesting year it’s been for me. Multiple broken friendships/relationships, lost over $5k in parking fines, lost over $10k in stock options, multiple missed opportunities, a broken wrist, failed drivers test, I could go on. This year has not […]