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  • When will I ever learn to have patience when it comes to investing?

    2020 and early 2021 must be the golden times to invest – if you have *just a little bit* of patience. Which I apparently don’t have.  In 2020, had you bought TSLA when it dipped to $300, had you bought BTC when it dipped to $5k, had you bought NIO when it was $3, etc […]

  • If you won 1 billion in the lottery, what would you do?

    Interesting question, I heard that there was a single winner of the $1.6 billion Mega Million lottery today. After taxes and taking the lump sum that’s roughly $600 million dollars. That won’t get you into the $1 billion club but that’s a lot of money. Now what I would do is actually very similar to […]

  • Worst Financial year ever

    Everything I touch turned to dust this year. I’m still on my anti-depressant medication because otherwise I would have killed myself by now. Seriously. Let’s count the ways. -in Jan, Korea had the crypto premium at 40%. I didn’t make use of the crypto account my gf made for me, and the premium is now […]