What single person has altered the course of humanity the most in all of history?

Most influential person in history is quite a title, I think most people would agree that Jesus Christ would be the main person behind the next 2000 years after his death but its disputable whether or not he was actually real, so… a few guys I think up for debate: Alexander the Great – conquered most […]

Which person has had the most positions and done most for the NBA?

Well theres a few key people I would say in NBA history who are very important George Mikan – for being the first NBA superstar Red Auerbach – for drafting Bill Russell and starting the Celtics dynasty and for a good few decades the best NBA coach there was Wilt Chamberlain – caused a bunch […]

Top 20 Greatest video games of all time

Yay.. another top 20 list!! Here we go.. the topic is Video games. I’m going to list the video games in order of influence, and mention the developer, the first console it was published for (starting with Atari, not gonna count Space War or Pong since those were before consoles), and the first year it […]