What makes Michael Jordan the best in the history of basketball?

I would revise it to mean history of NBA, not basketball. And even then I don’t think its that clear cut. Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time (GOAT) to most people because he’s a winner (6 championships, no losses in the finals), he’s super competitive, he has 5 MVPs (most out of any […]

Who was the best defensive player in NBA history?

Probably Bill Russell. The man was so intimidating on defense that opposing teams would settle for low percentage shots farther and farther from the basket because they knew Russell was waiting in the interior waiting to block any shots near the rim. The guy would have averaged 10+ blocks a game had they been counted […]

What is the best basketball team in the history of the NBA?

My answer is the 1996 Chicago Bulls – highest winning percentage of regular season + playoffs combined. 72–10, then 15–3 in the playoffs. The 2016 Warriors won 73–9 in the regular season but then faltered in the playoffs and couldn’t get it done. The second best team in NBA history I feel is the 2017 […]