Who were the most passionate players in NBA history?

If you mean intensity and always gave 100% on the court, theres a few: -Bill Russell would throw up before every big game – he had a psychological desire to win games not unlike Michael Jordan -similarly Jerry West would feel physically sick if he lost a game. -Rick Barry still holds grudges against his […]

What is the biggest what-if scenario in NBA history?

what if Maurice Stokes never got paralyzed following the injury he had in 1958 and teamed up with Oscar and Jerry Lucas? What if Frank Selvy made that layup against Boston? What if Hondo never stole the ball? What if Baylor never blew out his knee? What if the Lakers coach didn’t have beef with […]

What would happen if China opened up trade during Qing Dynasty and modernized early?

Would entirely change China’s history. If Qing emperors weren’t so close minded and xenophobic and actually opened up their country to trade circa 1700s, everything would change. First of all, China would be the first to industrialize in Asia, not Japan. If Japan did not industrialize first, it would have lost to China and the Sino-Japanese Wars […]