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  • 2012 US Election and JFK related stuff

    Last time I predicted an election, I was pretty prescient. This time, I’m not so sure, and ironically this time, I am actually living in the United States, though not a resident. In this year’s election, I’m betting on Obama to win, but its going to be a close one. My bets on Obama Edit: […]

  • Disadvantages of being Canadian

    Let me just the say that what I’m going to say in this post doesn’t by any means imply that I hate Canada in any way, only that I’m dissatisfied with living here. Alot of comparisons are obviously going to be made relative to our American neighbors. I’ve lived in Canada since I was 4, […]

  • My work at EnvCan and some remarks about healthcare reform

    So its been a good 2 months since I started at EnvCan doing software development but things have been slow to pick up. The reason why that link on my portfolio page probably won’t link to anything soon is because I still have not been doing all that much. My role is a Core developer, […]