Who hates China more ABCs or HKers?

None of us hate mainland Chinese, we just don’t like it when there’s people like the question asker who make ridiculous generalizations about either us or Western people based on false assumptions.

For example:
-All Westerners hate China – not true
-All ABC/HKers hate China – not true
-All HKers are protestors = terrorists = not true
-ABC/HKers are conditioned/brainwashed by the Western media to hate China – not true
-ABCs or HKers are required to support China because they are ethnically Chinese and if they don’t it means they are brainwashed by Westerners – not true, they are free human beings, can make their own judgments and can identify with whoever they choose

Where do these assumptions come from? Usually when I see these assumptions, its a result of some mainland Chinese who used VPNs or came abroad, then went to Western social media sites, saw some examples of racism or criticism against them on Youtube/Twitter/Facebook/Quora/etc and then extrapolates and generalizes that they all must hate Chinese based on a few examples they saw.

Here’s some facts I can give you:
-I was raised in Canada – I’m not exactly a CBC but I definitely consider myself more Canadian than Chinese
-I studied Chinese in university and visited/traveled China multiple times, I have many Chinese friends
-I lived in Asia (Korea) for 2 years and go back every year. Visited Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong as well
-I have many ABC friends that went to work in China (Shanghai/Beijing)
-I have many ABC friends that married Chinese women
-I have many HK friends that side with China, not the protestors
-I don’t have any ABC friends that have a positive impression of Trump

based on these facts, I can at least say that around my circle at least, there’s no HKers/ABC “brainwashed” or “conditioned” by Western media to hate China.
Furthermore if you go to China, or even look on the Quora China topic, I think you’ll find many Westerners that live in China, married Chinese or are very supportive of China. So much for all Westerners hating China eh?

I don’t have a problem with Chinese, what I do have a problem is, is when they accuse Westerners/Americans of spreading false or generalized misinformation about China (which I agree that Western media is biased), but then turn around and spread false or generalized beliefs about Westerners as well. Or using America as an example for why China is allowed to boycott/ban/bully etc That’s just hypocrisy. Why does China want to be like America if America is the example they always cite as a bad example/influence on the world?


Why are so many gamers opposed to using the EPIC game store?

Because gamers are being selfish, no more no less.

They want everything to be one platform because its more convenient to them – not caring about what it actually means to the developers themselves. Do you think developers would willingly fracture the PC gaming base? No of course not. Developers chose Epic exclusivity because Epic gives them a better revenue split. Developers get a better deal from Epic than from Valve.

Epic’s newer games will be exclusively available through its store and the company plans to fund developers to release exclusively through their store, using revenue guarantees to developers that opt for this, with Epic paying the difference should a game underperform. For other developers, Epic takes only a 12% share of revenue, the rest going to the developer, and for any games developed using the Unreal Engine, Epic forgoes the 5% revenue-based fee for those games sold through their storefront. Of that revenue fee, Epic pays for other services such as content delivery services, and ends up with about 5% of the gross revenue, though with economies of scale, this could increase to 6-7%

Epic is guaranteeing a certain amount of revenue for the developer, and taking only a 12% share of revenue. They also pay for other services and could end up taking as little as 5% of revenue.

Compare this to Valve’s policy

Valve typically has taken about 30 percent of all Steam sales through the platform, with a few exceptions from other utilizing the Steam Direct platform. Now, for game sales between $10 million and $50 million, developers will earn revenue split at 25 percent. For every sale after $50 million, Steam will only take 20 percent from the game’s overall earnings.

Valve takes around 20–30% of revenue.

So which one do you think developers will choose? The platform which takes 5%-12% or the one which takes 20%-30%? It’s a no brainer.

So gamers who hate on the Epic Store and want all their games to be on Steam are basically telling developers to go take a 8%-18% pay cut because they want all their games in one place. I would think that most gamers would support the developer (often small ones, like indie devs) over the big greedy corporations like Valve, but it doesn’t seem like it in this case.

And in addition:

What does it actually cost gamers to use Epic Store? Nothing. Just the minor inconvenience of not having all their games in one place, that’s literally it. Epic Launcher costs nothing to download, and account creation takes literally a few minutes. People have compared this to a Playstation vs Xbox thing – it’s not comparable – Epic launcher is free to use, there’s no additional cost associated with it at all, nothing taking up space in your living room, it’s an extra desktop icon that’s it.

Epic has also been offering free games every 2 weeks for this entire year. Here are some of the games I’ve gotten completely for free just for using the Epic Launcher: RIME, Transistor, Celeste, Alan Wake, Batman Arkham Knight, Everything, INSIDE, Lego Batman, Metro 2033 Redux – basically saving me hundreds of dollars in return for what? taking 5 minutes to create an account and having an additional icon on my desktop? Not to mention your desktop probably already has Battle.NET, Origin, Bethesda Launcher, UPlay launcher – none of those get the same hate as Epic does for some reason.

People who are hating on Epic store are being irrational. It costs nothing to use it. Epic is a much better platform revenue-wise for developers than Valve. They are also missing out on free games to boot.


Tardiness and Unreliability

One of the things I pride on myself most is that I’m reliable. You ask me to do something, I’ll do it, and I’ll do it on time. You ask me to be somewhere at this time? I’ll be at that place at that time. It’s almost a common sense thing, that I wonder why most people can’t adhere to it. Why are most people unreliable? You ask them to get something done, they forget about it. You ask people to be on time, and they’re either late or can’t make it last minute. It annoys the hell out of me, since I’m always so punctual. I’ve rarely been late for anything, and the times I were late were not my fault (the buses were tardy, not me).

Like yesterday, I planned to meet up with my organization. They’re the ones who planned it, and said be at XXX street at 6:30. I was on time, everyone else was late by 30 minutes. That’s inexcusable, how can they ALL be late by that much? I had to stand there in the cold waiting for them? Its gotten to the point where I will purposely add 20-30 minutes to all my schedules because I KNOW that they will be late by that much. Geez. You said you will be there at a certain time, then be there. And the excuse that blah blah happened isn’t an excuse. I always plan for my contingencies, so I give myself extra time. People should plan for unexpected events, and plan accordingly. Thats why I aim to be exactly on time, because I approximate my travel times well.

There are other common sense things that are more to deal with courtesy than anything. When someone texts me, or messages me on MSN, I respond right away, I don’t wait 30 min and then answer just to be ‘fashionable’. I don’t get that, if your status is available, you should be able to answer right away. Some people never answer at all, and just ignore you. That’s just rude. If you’re at a computer, even when you’re busy, are you so busy that you can’t take a second to look at the flashing message window and type something like ‘I’m busy right now’? Even that is better than ignoring me. I find ignoring people the rudest thing, just be honest.

It kind of ties in with being reliable, I’ve always just been reliable, there to help people, and honest about things.
But there are a lot of things in this world I still don’t understand. Why do girls like to sign into MSN and appear offline? If they don’t want people to message them, just don’t sign in, else they should just appear online, be honest about your status. On Facebook, why do girls like to set their relationship status to “married” with another girl? That’s just confusing. Why do so many people post a bunch of pictures of their food and like none of themselves? Why are people so obsessed with sports? Why do people post so much about their dog or cat or pet (more than themselves)? Why do people think baby pictures of themselves are cute? You know, just give me a picture of you over your baby picture any day. I might think you’re sexy or good looking, but would I ever find your baby picture sexy or good looking? No. And Why are people so tardy and unreliable?

Yeah thats all my ranting for now, just got some pet peeves out of the way :D.