Building my own guitar

I’ve been wanting to build my own guitar as a project for a while now… at least since high school. So now, I finally had the time and resources to do it! Keep in mind I haven’t soldered much outside of fixing my old Thinkpad Yoga laptop 2 years ago, so I had to find […]

My interest in guitar, Top 100 Greatest Electric Guitarists of All Time

Well, after all these ranking lists (like the 100 greatest NBA players ever), its time to talk about guitarists because well, I’m a guitarist and I’m self-taught so I’m influenced by a lot of different guitar players, and I want to make a list of the top 100 electric guitarists who I think are the […]

More thoughts on current feminist movement and Korea fan obsession

Its interesting that even after I talked about how feminism seems to be undergoing a kind of movement these days, it just keeps on coming. Facebook made the little icon of a friend request ‘equal’, The dismissal of Ellen Pao is thought to be a ‘misogynist’ move, and things that i have no right to […]