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  • Is Chris Paul a better point guard than Isiah Thomas?

    I think Chris Paul is definitely the better player. But Isiah had the better career. Isiah had the benefit of playing on a really great team with a bunch of hall of famers like Joe Dumars, Dennis Rodman, Adrian Dantley and all star level players like Bill Laimbeer and Mark Aguirre and great role players […]

  • Who was better, Tom Heinsohn, Gus Johnson, Dave Debusschere, Bailey Howell, or Jerry Lucas?

    Those are all great Hall of Fame power forwards that played in the 1960s, let’s go over the categories and see how they all match up. Scoring – Well it’s tough here because none of these guys were unstoppable prolific scorers or anything. Lucas, Howell and Heinsohn probably have the best case here as they […]

  • Who was better, Bob Pettit or Elgin Baylor?

    Two great all time forwards of their era. Pettit’s career overlapped with Baylor’s prime years. This is actually much closer than people think. Many people think that Baylor is much more adaptable to the modern NBA than Pettit and Pettit unfairly gets grouped along with the other 50s guys, when he deserves much more respect […]