안,지 않다 (negation)

안 + V V + 지 + 않다 There’s two different ways to make a negative sentence, either using 안 before a verb or conjugating it with -지 않다 1. Putting 안 before a verb makes it negative and doesn’t change its tense 2. Conjugating the verb by replacing ‘다’ with ‘지 않다’ makes it […]


Let’s learn the basic interrogative words: who,what,when,where,why,how,how much,and which 1. Who (누구), what (뭐,무엇), when (언제), where (어디), why (왜), and how (어떻게) are usually used before verbs. 2. Which (어떤,무슨) is usually used before nouns. 3. How much (얼마나) is usually used before adverbs or adjectives. 4. To add the meaning of ‘somebody, sometime, […]

(ㄹ/을)거예요 (future tense)

V + (ㄹ/을)거예요 When we want to speak in future tense, we conjugate korean verbs by removing the verb stem ‘다’ and replacing it with either ㄹ거예요 or 을거예요. 1. When the verb’s last character is a consonant, we replace the stem with ‘을거예요’. 2. When the verb’s last character is a vowel, we append […]