Korean expressions part 2

Continuing on with the Korean expressions, here are some more useful ones. We can learn how to express ‘even if something happens’,’decided to do something’,’the more something happens’,’ok to do something’, and ‘worth to do something’. V + (아/어/여)도 V + (아/어/여)더라도 V + (ㄹ/을)지라도 아무리 + V + (아/어/여)도 1. All of these expressions […]

Hunger games, Korean grammar, and Mobile Computing

Hunger Games I just finished watching the Hunger Games in theaters. You probably all heard of it by now. I’ve never read the book, so after watching it here’s my thoughts. I think the story seemed like it jumped a long too fast, a common problem when adapting books to movies. Some characters are not […]

Update: Learning Korean

Update: new, more indepth korean grammar post here. So a couple posts back, I described how I was beginning to learn Korean, an exciting new language that is both similar yet different from Chinese. So far, I’ve found that although I’ve progressed, I haven’t progressed as quickly as I had when I first started. The […]