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  • Upcoming/current gadgets list

    Upcoming gadgets I’m excited about Wearables Google glasses Meta glasses Vuzix M100 LG G Watch CogitoWatch Huawei watch Withings Activite GlassUp Memini Pebble Watch Neptune Pine Moto 360 Lumus DK40 Creoir Smarty Ring Nike fuelband Fitbit Razer Nabu Jawbone Up Martian watches Omate Meta Watch Misfit wearables Kiwi wearables Epson Moverio BT200 Zeiss Cinemizer Sony […]

  • Google Glass Unboxing and Review, Jasmine-Jquery+SquireJS example

    Google Glass Review I just got my Google Glass Explorer 2.0 edition in not that long ago, and I know alot of people are curious about how this gadget works, so I’ve put up a video of it (an unboxing one, and a review). httpv://youtu.be/NPBNNwQB_Ss httpv://youtu.be/RHg-bnx7r3A Example client side Jasmine unit test using the jasmine-jquery […]