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What are some unique things about Korean women?

So everyone wants to know why I’m more attracted to Korean women so much more than any other girl. Here are the reasons:

-They are Asian, and I tend to prefer Asian faces, but Koreans in particular have that high upper cheekbone and squarish face that makes them particularly attractive to me.

-Really pale skin, just like Northeast China people (where I am from). Also every girl takes care of their skin really well.

-Every girl from high school age to their late 40s wears makeup. Not even exaggerating. They are also constantly checking their makeup in their mirrors pretty much everywhere. in Japan I saw maybe 40% of girls still bare-faced, and in China like 90% of girls are bare-faced. In HK/Taiwan maybe 60% bare-faced.

-90% of Korean girls don’t wear glasses. When I went to China maybe 50% of girls wore glasses and in Japan I think around 30%. In Taiwan/HK around 40%. in Korea hardly any girls wore them. I like girls who don’t wear glasses.

-Other cosmetic things like dying their hair, painting their fingernails and toenails etc the feminine stuff I love girls who are feminine.

-Alot of them work out or diet regularly as well, and I like girls who are slim.

-Their fashion sense is pretty amazing. Both men and women seem to care a lot more than other Asians and Westerners. For example, some of the more fashionable women dress like this during the winter:

Yeah, they wear miniskirts in the winter. And Seoul gets cold. When I went to some of the warmer parts of Asia like southern China, HK, Taiwan etc most women dressed casually like in California. I rarely ever saw Chinese women wear stockings in the winter, they usually wore pants or jeans. In Osaka and Shanghai it was still above 0, yet every girl there totally covered up as if it was minus degrees. Then I go back to Busan (same weather as Osaka/Shanghai), and there it is.. Korean women choosing fashion over comfort. Besides like one or two exceptions, I have not seen other women dress like this. That makes them pretty unique in my opinion.

-Their personality is really passive and feminine as well. They will often cover their mouths when they laugh, speak really softly or cutely to their boyfriends, hold their boyfriends arms when they are walking, make cute faces, wear couple clothes, take couple pictures, etc They respect men a lot. My Korean ex-gfs did those things with me, and I really enjoyed it.

-They are really loyal and make great mothers and wives. A lot of Korean women are fine with being housewives, which I like because it is more ‘traditional’

Why do Koreans like plastic surgery?

Super competitive culture especially on appearance. Unlike China and America, Korea doesn’t have multiple standards of beauty. They have ONE standard. Why is that? Because they are a single race country with a limited gene pool that also happens to be really small, that’s why. Now combine that with a super stressful culture where everyone is trying to be the best, and that’s why plastic surgery is so popular. It’s often used to get a leg up on other people, especially with regards to dating or getting a job.

But I especially dislike it when people talk down on Korean women because they got plastic surgery. First off, as I said it’s not really their fault, but rather due to their high competition society that many women feel insecure and end up getting surgery.

Secondly if they want to enhance their appearance why criticize them for that? I don’t criticize girls for wearing makeup, waxing, doing their eyebrows or painting their nails even though those are all artificial ways of enhancing their appearance, so why would I criticize them for plastic surgery? It’s no different.

Thirdly, the plastic surgery stereotype is often exaggerated. The statistics show about 5% of Koreans have done them. The reason why it *seems* like every Korean has done it is because of its prevalence in famous models/singers/actresses and the advertising for it which is everywhere, and might I add a bit of confusion between makeup and surgery. A lot of people think some girls did surgery when really its just makeup skills.

Fourthly, the touristy spots like Gangnam, Jamsil, Sinsa, Itaewon and Hongdae are full of plastic girls. Outside of these areas, its not that common, but since tourists don’t go to say.. Gwangju or Gyeonggi-do, they get the impression that all korean girls are like the ones in Gangnam, but that’s not true.

Fifthly, the definition of ‘plastic surgery’ in Korea is very broad and includes lasik surgery and laser hair removal. By this definition, I have done ‘plastic’ surgery as well. The majority of the remainder is simply double eyelid surgery. True ‘invasive’ surgery like what you see in the before/after advertisements is very rare, yet people just assume that’s what most Korean girls do which is not true.

Sixthly, We have no right to judge them as foreigners for caring about their appearance or being ‘shallow’ no more than they have the right to judge us for dressing too casually, not wearing makeup everyday, caring about designer brands too much, being vegetarian etc. It’s part of their culture. Korean culture is different from other cultures. We should respect it.

My 2 cents from having a lot of Korean female friends.

What do you think of Japanese girls compared to other Asian girls?

I’m just gonna speak for East Asian only but, from my experience Japanese girls are the most feminine out of Chinese, Korean and Japanese, with the gap being much bigger between Chinese and Korean/Japanese than between Korean and Japanese. Most Chinese girls I know act like guys and dress like guys.

Korean girls are more similar to Japanese girls, but are more likely to express their minds more. From what I seen, Japanese girls are really passive, don’t express themselves as openly, and try really hard to be “cute”. Fashion wise, they are probably the most unique out of all of them. Compared to Korean girls who are almost all about short skirts and one piece dresses (even in the winter), and Chinese girls who as I mentioned just dress like men (pants + jeans mostly).

Makeup wise in Korean and Japanese culture both, the girls wear makeup because it is a form of manners in their culture. Again Chinese being the exception here, a lot of girls don’t wear makeup because they don’t give a damn.

Uniquely amongst them, Japanese girls seem to have something going on with their teeth… not sure what the ‘crooked teeth’ thing is about, maybe they think it looks cute.

As an apt example let me demonstrate the stereotypes of these three by doing slightly racist exaggerations:

[Guy gives Japanese girlfriend a nice gift]
Japanese girl: Ehhhhhhh?? Kawaii Desu!! Arigatooo! (so cute! thank you!), Let me buy you dinner ^^

[Guy gives Korean girlfriend a nice gift]
Korean girl: Jinjja?? Gomaweo Oppa!! (really? thanks oppa!) – *guy still has to pay for dinner afterwards

[Guy gives Chinese girlfriend a nice gift]
Chinese girl: What? That’s it? Looks too cheap. Get me a better one. – *guy still has to pay for dinner afterwards