Why do I keep getting screwed?

Well my worst fears came true. Looks like QuadrigaCX, the exchange I used to transfer my money back from the US to Canada, is going bankrupt and is probably a ponzi scam. Crazy. All sorts of conspiracy theories going on. Also, haven’t been able to sleep well these past few days. Been busy talking to other people on telegram who lost their money + getting lawyers into action, signing affidavits etc.

So basically I sold my beautiful SF apartment for nothing. Just great. Last year I thought I had reached the bottom. Lost $150k of my money to the crypto crash + ICO scams + masternode scams. Broke up with my gf. Forced to sell off my apartment to pay off loans.

Now as if that wasn’t enough, this year I’m having trouble finding a job again, the US probably won’t let me get another job again due to their strict border security and too many past TN visas and of course losing the rest of my money in a ponzi scheme (over $400k).

I’m an idiot. I fell to the same trap I fell in last year. I got too greedy, I was too impatient. Why did I put everything in one place? Why did I transfer all my money over when I never even got a single withdrawal from this exchange yet? I trusted them too much. They were Canada’s oldest exchange, I just never thought it would come to something like this. It’s unbelievable. That’s all my life savings gone because of basically just using the wrong exchange to send my money back. And now I have to deal with a lawsuit that will probably take years, just for me to see pennies on the dollar back.

So yeah, 2018 was not a good year. 2019 so far has been even worse. What’s worse than losing my apartment and 1/3rd of my net worth? well losing the remaining 2/3rds of my net worth of course!

I have really been stressed these days preparing for interviews in Seattle/Vancouver on top of that, but it looks like my plan will all have to be put on hold. Paying back my parents, buying a Vancouver condo, making passive income, renting a place out etc it will take me years and years to make back this money. On top of that, no Korean girl (or any other girl for that matter) will want to date a guy with no money or apartment anymore.

I don’t really know how it could get much worse than this. Most of my Korean/SF friends are busy with their own lives so I haven’t talked to them much. I guess the only solace is that at least I am still alive and breathing, and I’m not brain dead or paralyzed. My family is still there – for now. and that’s really it. Start over anew again just like in 2011, except this time I’m 30 years old, not 23 anymore :/ I suppose this is a life lesson on how I shouldn’t be greedy or materialistic and start cherishing the invaluable things in life.. not money, but rather my friendships and relationships and memories I’ve made over the years.


Looks like I’ve just lost all my money …

So it appears QuadrigaCX, the Canadian crypto exchange I used to transfer my money from the US to Canada, is doing really shady things with that money. Not only is my money taking 3+ months to arrive so far but every time I ask support they have the same excuse and just asking me to wait another 2 weeks every time.

Now recently they announced their CEO passed away last month under mysterious circumstances in India, and haven’t been giving any updates since. I have over $500k+ CAD stuck in that account. They aren’t letting anyone withdraw anything anymore or cancel the withdrawals that went out before. This really isn’t good. As if losing $170k in crypto last year wasn’t enough – this time it just feels unfair.

At least last year it was definitely my fault for taking on so much risk – taking out 3 loans, investing in shady ICO scams and masternode scams – that’s all my fault for taking on so much risk, but this is just crazy. QuadrigaCX operated for over 5 years as Canada’s (formerly before this fiasco) biggest crypto exchange. I already had an account with them before in 2017 so I just decided to use them to move my US money over back to Canada – I thought I was being clever avoiding the bank’s commission fees and getting a 6% premium on top of that – and now as it turns out, I might have just lost the rest of my money too. For picking the wrong exchange and for trying to get my money back to Canada after selling my SF apartment. Unbelievably, my luck keeps getting worse.

This is so unfair. I wasn’t even trying to invest in anything this time! Now on top of that, I am also actively interviewing for jobs around Seattle as well – so lately I’ve been quite stressed.

Imagine having all your life savings tied up in a shady crypto exchange that might go bankrupt at anytime – and having to focus on doing coding exercises on top of that. And then I’ll have to deal with getting another visa after that which is always a hassle.

I really hope that I get my money back, hoping and praying everyday that it isn’t a scam. Everyday I go on reddit and twitter to check if there’s any updates from QuadrigaCX and so far nothing. I wonder if I’ll have to get a lawyer and contact the RCMP about this eventually. Hope it doesn’t come to that.


Alternate income streams

Ok, so beginning of 2019, my New Years resolution is to make back the money I lost last year. Which is around $150k give or take. I know, that’s ALOT of money to make back, and I’m still trying to figure how to make that much money back *while* giving me a path to go back to Korea (cause I dont want to stay forever alone).

So the obvious choices for a job is to either be a freelancer or find remote work like I did last time I lived in Korea. Problem is freelancer work isnt really stable, and finding a full time remote job like before isn’t that simple either, not many companies are willing to do it, and even less if I want to work from Korea (thus necessitating my own hours pretty much).

Or I can live in Korea and be an English tutor or teacher, that always works but its not the job I like to do. And if I do that I need some additional income streams. So what are some options for side jobs?

1) Earn money from Youtube. Hey, I already do that. I make around $75-$100 a month from Youtube revenues now. It’s not that much, but it will pay for the cellphone bill each month.

2) Earn money from Quora. Already doing this too, but Quora pays very little, only abut $10 a month on average for me. Again, a free meal every month but thats about it.

3) Write an e-book and sell it on the Kindle store. Need to figure out what to write about. My expertise is either JavaScript libraries, Blues/Rock guitar playing, Magic the Gathering strategies, Korean lessons, or Basketball trivia. Not sure if I’m a good enough expert in any of those fields to really write a book about it.

4) Start a Udemy course and sell the course to students. Again, similar to the Kindle thing, I need to be a good enough expert in a field to really make my own course teaching it, but maybe sometime in the future.

5) Rent out my house/apartment or AirBnb it. I need to get a place first, but I will most likely do this once I buy an apartment/condo in Vancouver in a few months.

6) Drive for Uber or Lyft. I need a car to do this, but definitely a nice weekend side job if I have nothing else to do and have a car.

7) Make advertising / affiliate revenue blogging. I am not a well known enough blogger to make any money from it.

8) Stream video games on Twitch and earn advertiser revenue. Not a good enough or entertaining enough gamer to do this either.

9) Sell my own merchandise on my own store using Shopify and Droplift. I don’t have my own brand that I’m selling right now, I would probably need around 200k ish subscribers before I have a market of people to sell my brand to.

10) Start a Patreon and get folks to support you. Again, if my Youtube channel surpasses 200k ish subscribers then I can see myself doing this but I’m not popular enough now.

11) Invest money in dividend stocks. This is recurring revenue, and something I would like to look at more once I have more money saved up.

12) Invest money in Masternode coins. This is also recurring revenue but you have to be careful to avoid the ponzi ones (I fell victim to several last year and lost around $15k to them), and definitely more riskier than dividend stocks (crypto in general is riskier than stocks) but could definitely have potential for higher return if invested in the right ones.

13) Mining coins. Bitcoin is no longer profitable to mine, and so is most other coins out there. You need dedicated machines and/or equipment to mine, and given the bear market right now, its probably better to go for the PoS coins rather than PoW.