What is your game of the 2010s decade?

There’s quite a few options.. for me these would be the games from the 2010s most impactful on me

-Starcraft II (2010) – played this for countless hours with friends and my brother

-Diablo 3 (2012) – ^ same

-Hearthstone (2014) – ^ same

-Overwatch (2017) – how does Blizzard keep doing this?

-PUBG (2017) – hard to understate how influential this game has been it has spawned an entire genre of battle royale games

-Minecraft (2011) – this is probably the right answer for this question even though I don’t play it. Minecraft is a pop culture phenomenon and the single best selling game of all time.

-GTA 5 (2013) – the best selling console game of the decade and one of the best selling games of all time

-The Last of Us (2013) – the swan song of the PS3 and some might say its greatest game

-Zelda Breath of the Wild (2017) – the best launch title ever? Or up there, at least

-Bioshock Infinite (2013) – a personal fav of mine, I don’t beat a lot of games but this one I played all the way to the end

-Fallout New Vegas (2010) – ^ same

-Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (2011) – this game has been modded and worked on for seemingly ages – and Bethesda is STILL using its engine to this day!

-Witcher 3 (2015) – so successful that now there’s a Netflix series about it

-Sims 4 (2014) – I mean this had to be on here because what a cash cow this series is for casual players

-Sleeping Dogs (2012) – this is the “GTA clone” I’ve sunk more hours into than any other game and that includes GTA 5

-Borderlands 2 (2012) – such a great co-op game, in a genre where there’s less and less of that

-Far Cry 4 (2014) – yes I know it’s not the best far cry (some might say 3) but for me I’ve played this game with a buddy the longest out of any other game


Who is your least favorite Los Angeles Lakers player of all time?

Kobe Bryant. This dude is so selfish and egotistical, locker room cancer, blames everything on his teammates, hogs the ball, took leagues highest salary knowing he was injured, went on a self gratification retirement tour, and oh also – thinks he’s the GOAT. He’s not only my least favorite Laker all time he’s probably my least favorite player all time, mainly due to the whole “mamba mentality” aspect which is essentially just shooting the ball whenever you get a chance.

Kobe’s style of play is the wrong style of play. It cannot win in this era of basketball where you need to be a team player to win. Nobody wants to play with someone who always wants to shoot the ball. Kobe only won because he was always surrounded by great rebounders (Shaq, Gasol, Odom, Bynum) to rebound his misses and played in the triangle offense which forced him to share the ball. The fact that Kobe inspires so many kids to play the wrong way makes him almost like the Ronald Reagan of NBA players – hugely respected by a certain portion of the fanbase, but did long term damage to the game.

The fact that he has such an ardent fanbase despite his cockiness just makes me dislike him even more. His fans always overrate him and always have to bring his name up or mention him in EVERY conversation. If Kobe’s name is not mentioned, his fans complain “Kobe is disrespected!!!” They blame the NBA for messing up the CP3 trade. They blame Nash for “robbing” Kobe of MVPs. Ruined Dwight Howard’s career. He has probably the worst fanbase out of any player. I know people like to hate on Lebron fans (i.e “bronsexuals”) but Lebron fans do not inject his name into every single conversation, and plus Lebron isn’t as selfish as Kobe is either.

It also bothers me that his fanbase is somewhat lacking of basketball knowledge. They only care about one stat: scoring. They dont care how many shots Kobe took to get there. They only care about one award: rings. And they don’t care that Kobe wasn’t even the best player for the majority of his rings. They treat those rings as all his alone. As a basketball analyst, if its one thing that grinds me up its casual fans using rings + scoring stats as their sole arguments, because just like Kobe himself, those are probably the most overrated parts of a player’s resume.



Who is your favorite musical artist as of right now?

As a musician, I listen to a wide variety of genres, by listening time here’s my top 10 artists I listen to by decade (for fun, I’m not gonna repeat any artists):


  1. Frank Sinatra
  2. Elvis Presley
  3. Miles Davis
  4. Chet Atkins
  5. Ella Fitzgerald
  6. Louis Armstrong
  7. Sarah Vaughan
  8. Billie Holiday
  9. Charlie Parker
  10. Art Tatum


  1. The Beatles (by far)
  2. Jimi Hendrix
  3. Cream
  4. The Beach Boys
  5. The Rolling Stones
  6. The Temptations
  7. The Supremes
  8. The Doors
  9. Otis Redding

10. Wes Montgomery

1970s (imo this is my fav decade for music):

  1. Led Zeppelin
  2. Pink Floyd
  3. Queen
  4. The Who
  5. The Carpenters
  6. Earth, Wind and Fire
  7. The Eagles
  8. Marvin Gaye
  9. The Bee Gees
  10. Fleetwood Mac


  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Guns N Roses
  3. AC/DC
  4. Stevie Ray Vaughan
  5. Van Halen
  6. Prince
  7. U2
  8. Hall & Oates
  9. Madonna
  10. Bryan Adams


  1. Backstreet Boys
  2. Spice Girls
  3. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  4. Nirvana
  5. Celine Dion
  6. Pearl Jam
  7. Green Day
  8. Oasis
  9. Weezer
  10. Shania Twain


  1. Linkin Park
  2. John Mayer
  3. Blink-182
  4. Jay Chou (Taiwanese)
  5. Wondergirls (Korean)
  6. Britney Spears
  7. Michelle Branch
  8. Jason Mraz
  9. The Strokes
  10. Westlife

I know, I am eclectic right?