Jun 2021 Gadget Update

Every 6 months I do an update on the state of my gadgets and what I use. Computers HP Dragonfly Elite (2020) – replaces 2017 Google Pixelbook, 2017 Porsche Design Book One The HP Dragonfly Elite is the lightest convertible laptop on the market, and replaces both my Porsche Design (much heavier) and Google Pixelbook… Continue reading Jun 2021 Gadget Update

Is there any good audio equipment still made in the USA?

Audio is actually still one of the sole remaining industries of which a significant portion is still made and/or assembled in America, especially the high end brands. The List – American Made Audio In addition to alot of the good answers here about home and portable audio, I would also like to add that as a… Continue reading Is there any good audio equipment still made in the USA?

Guitar Gear

After much delay, here’s finally a video that has decent tone: It’s a lovely song by a lovely band. Anyways, I took new pics of my equipment so here it is for all those wondering what my setup is: The Main piece of guitaring equipment is my American 3-color sunburst Fender stratocaster with G&L body,… Continue reading Guitar Gear