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  • Was Elgin Baylor a better player than Julius Erving?

    No, I don’t think so. Nor do I think Baylor is a better player than Rick Barry or John Havlicek either. I know a lot of oldheads might disagree with me and they all think Baylor was one of the best basketball players ever, and sure he was a great individual talent, but for me […]

  • Was Dr. J the best basketball player of the 1970’s?

    I would say Kareem was the best basketball player of the 1970s, followed by Dr J talking about overall achievements. Kareem – 5 MVPs, 1 championship, 1 FMVP. Dr J – 3 MVPs, 2 championships, 2 FMVPs. Dr J of course dominated the ABA when he was at his peak. However, when it comes to […]

  • What is your personal biggest “what if” in NBA history?

    too many to name here… my biggest personal ones involve the ABA. what if the ABA didn’t exist and all ABA players and blackballed players played in the NBA? Thus you would have guys like Connie Hawkins playing in his prime in the NBA Hawkins only had a short 3 year prime in the NBA […]