Is Trump petty and small for rejecting plans for the White House staff plans for a statement praising John McCain?

John McCain is one of the few Republicans I respected.

McCain appears to criticize Trump in farewell message to the nation

He was willing to break with his own party, and attack Trump for his policies. He also served his country whereas Trump dodged the draft.

John McCain was a true American hero, and respected by both liberals and conservatives. Trump is a man who feels that anyone who has wronged him in the past (Hillary, Obama, George W Bush, McCain etc) deserves to be thrown under the bus. He is deeply insecure about himself.

FYI: Trump’s refusal to honor John McCain eerily reminds me of how Mao Zedong refused to honor Zhou Enlai after he died a few months before Mao did, due to Mao’s similar pettiness and insecurity.

Trump is a deeply insecure man who cannot tolerate anyone who’s better than him at anything. Jeff Bezos – richer than Trump so Trump has a feud with Amazon. Obama – more respected than Trump, so Trump has to undo everything Obama did. John McCain – a true war hero whereas Trump dodged the draft, so Trump has to make fun of his PoW status and not honor him. How Trump continues to have such high support amongst Republicans is beyond me when he treats other members of his party with such disrespect.


On what points would you agree with Trump?

I agree with him that the Iraq War was a bad idea. I agree with him that Obamacare needs to be fixed. I agree with him that America needs to take priority. I agree that jobs need to be brought back to the country.

However none of his policies or what he’s done as president has been doing any of this. If it’s putting America first, then why are we still in Afghanistan? Why increase our military budget by another $50 billion? Why are we picking fights with North Korea? Where’s our Obamacare replacement? Where’s our tax cuts for the middle class?

So far it seems all Trump has done is antagonize people while solving nothing. He’s picking fights with China and North Korea. He’s picking fights with everyone, threatening to withdraw from NATO, from NAFTA. And withdrawing from the Paris agreement. He’s banning travel from random middle eastern countries. Why? What’s the point of these things? Its not protecting America and he’s spending money for a stupid wall and military when it *should* be going to Medicaid, Medicare, Education, and other domestic priorities. Instead, he’s *cutting* Medicaid, warmongering and cutting taxes for the rich. He’s tweeting about NFL players trying to divide the country more while Puerto Rico and Florida go without power. “America first” my ass.


Is “America Was Never Great” a good comeback to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan?

No, but I would say the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ isn’t a great slogan either, like what does it mean?

If Trump supporters are referring to the good old 1950s they are referring to a time when:

-Minorities were suppressed and had segregated schools and bathrooms and restaurants

-Women stayed in the kitchen and kept quiet about their lack of rights

-America was on top of the world only because the rest of the world was devastated by WWII

-the highest marginal tax rate on rich people was 90%

-The CIA was experimenting on American citizens with mind control programs like MKUltra

-People prepared for the possibility of nuclear war by building fallout shelters and school drills

-A witch hunt went on to slander and blacklist people as communists if they didn’t like them

-Asians were barred from entering the US, period

Yeah, its pretty much impossible to go back to that time short of building a time machine