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  • 5 things I don’t like about Korea and USA

    As much as I like living in both Korea and America, I have some complaints about both countries. Yes, I know no country is perfect, so here’s my biggest gripes about each. 5 things I don’t like about living in South Korea 1. Racism I wish Koreans would stop worshipping white people and treating white […]

  • Diversity issues, Andrew Jackson hate, Bad luck with missing flights

    First off, addressing an issue here. Star Wars will apparently feature a gay character. Now, as everyone realizes, Star Wars Force Awakens was probably the most diverse Star Wars yet, featuring a strong feminist role model as the lead character and a black stormtrooper as a supporting lead. But what does being gay add to […]

  • Diversity quotas are BS and gaming madness

    there are alot of articles like this proclaiming that tech companies should be more diverse. The results are largely disheartening: While firms may be talking a big game, most have made very little progress. I have a problem with this kind of criticism in general. Why is it the tech companies fault that they are […]