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  • Which game developer makes the best console games?

    You said console games right? The answer is undoubtedly Nintendo EAD/EPD. How many developers were so good that their strength alone carried the entire console for several generations? After the SNES era, Nintendo badly burned bridges with many companies (they had really strict licensing terms) including Sony (failed to develop a console with them), Sega (obviously […]

  • Unit Tests in Angular 2

    Recently at my new company, Spigit, I’ve started on working on unit testing. Now, previously I’ve done unit testing and end to end testing using NighwatchJS at Walmart Labs. And now with my new project, I have to use Angular 2. After working with Angular 2 for a few months now and ReactJS last year, […]

  • Front-End / Web Developer Interview questions and answers

    Here are some common front end / web interview questions, and some sample answers, for those aspiring web devs among us: HTML: What’s a DOCTYPE? A doctype associates a markup document (html or xml) with a DTD. It tells the browser what kind of document and what type of markup to expect. HTML 4.01 has […]