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  • Why are some liberals so condescending toward Trump supporters?

    The question in itself is part of what irks me. the fact that people think that if you are against Trump, you must be a liberal. Why? I am not a liberal, but I certainly don’t support Trump either. Why group everyone into two black and white categories? us vs them mentality? People have a […]

  • What are the craziest things you’ve heard conservatives say?

    Disclaimer: I consider myself a conservative, but NOT the American type of conservative i.e Republicans who are conservative in name only. I am a Canadian conservative. I find Republicans absolutely repulsive though since they pretend to be conservative when in reality they are just batshit crazy and lack common sense. They also think that you […]

  • Religious tolerance, Fanaticism, Political beliefs, other thoughts

    My political beliefs “Don’t you ever forget, that Republican economic policy caused the national debt to quadruple in the 12 years before I became president, and double in the 8 years after I left office.” – Bill Clinton A lot of people at my work have been surprised that I “liked” Mitt Romney on Facebook, […]