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  • Would prime LeBron or prime Michael Jordan be harder to guard?

    I’m going with prime Jordan, because along with prime Wilt and prime Shaq, he was the most dominant scorer I’ve ever seen. Like.. there were defenses specifically meant to stop him like the Jordan Rules used by the Bad Boy Pistons. It didn’t matter. Jordan still sliced all these defenses like hot knife through butter. […]

  • Who was the most overrated NBA player defensively?

    Kobe Bryant. His 12x All-Def selections would have you believe he was one of the greatest defenders ever. He wasn’t. -Never led the league in Def BPM -Never led the league in Def Rating -Never locked or shut anyone down in the playoffs -Outscored by everyone from Leandro Barbossa, Cliff Robinson, Jason Terry, Jalen Rose […]

  • If DPOY had been awarded in the 1960s and 1970s, which NBA players would have won them?

    Interesting question, it’s hard to know because All-Def wasn’t an award until 1969 and DPOY not an award until 1983. So I’m going to go by defensive win shares. It’s not perfect, but it’s something I can go off of. source: https://www.basketball-reference.com/leaders/dws_yearly.html 1950: George Mikan1951: George Mikan (2)1952: George Mikan (3)1953: George Mikan (4)1954: George […]