Who was the best defensive player in NBA history?

Probably Bill Russell. The man was so intimidating on defense that opposing teams would settle for low percentage shots farther and farther from the basket because they knew Russell was waiting in the interior waiting to block any shots near the rim. The guy would have averaged 10+ blocks a game had they been counted […]

If you had to construct all time NBA teams based on certain skills (scoring, rebounding, assists, 3PT, defense etc) what would they be?

All time scoring team PG: Oscar Robertson (26 PPG) SG: Michael Jordan (30 PPG) SF: Kevin Durant (27 PPG) PF: Karl Malone (25 PPG) C: Wilt Chamberlain (30 PPG) All time rebounding team PG: Magic Johnson (7 RPG) SG: Clyde Drexler (6 RPG) SF: Elgin Baylor (13.5 RPG) PF: Bob Pettit (16 RPG) C: Bill […]