Because of the stress on face in Chinese culture, is it more important to be well-dressed in China than in the West?

China is a country of many ironies, I find. They are socially liberal (gays and lesbians are not as accepted as in Taiwan, but more accepted than in Japan/Korea, and women are allowed to be masculine without much consequence), yet they are very conservative when it comes to displaying sexual things (Korea/Japan show more sex […]

What do non-Koreans dislike about Korean culture and Korean people?

1. Racism I wish Koreans would stop worshipping white people and treating white people different than other foreigners. Black people, Hispanics, and other non-Korean Asians all get treated differently, or “lower” than white people get treated and this is an issue common to most Asian countries I think. Because of Hollywood and history, white people […]

If you woke up tomorrow as the president of China, what would you do?

-Levy higher taxes on the rich to help fund better social programs for the poor and elderly. This will help reduce income inequality. -Eliminate the whole ‘hukou’ system. Chinese people should be able to work whereever they choose. -Encourage people to have whatever religion they choose -Stop censoring nonsense like Winnie the pooh on social […]