What Chinese cultures are hated by Chinese people nowadays?

I think the #1 thing I hate about Chinese culture is the concept of “face” (面子)。

It’s shallow, its superficial, it’s materialistic and it’s ridiculous. It causes people to judge you based on what you have/don’t have. This causes a lot of problems in the society. First off, relationships become all about gift giving instead of cherishing each other, secondly it causes people to spend into debt in order to afford superficial things, and thirdly it makes more people judgmental.

In America or Canada or even Korea, I can rest assured knowing that people don’t give 2 shits about what I own or what brands I wear. None of my clothes are designer brands. I don’t own a car. I live in a small apartment. And it makes no difference to the people here. Billionaires here drive Toyotas and Mazdas. So what right? Just because you have money doesn’t mean you should show it off.

But in China, because of the concept of face, you have to show off. And people will judge you if you don’t. It’s a ridiculous concept to me. I guess this is one of the main things I agree about Korean culture more than Chinese culture. I care about my appearance, I want to look my best for people, but I don’t really care what you own or what designer brands you have or how much money you have. It’s not important to who you are as a person.

They value a persons worth and status in society based on how much wealth they can show off. They treat people depending on the brand of clothing or accessories you have. Girls often gossip to one another based on how much their boyfriends bought for them. If that isnt a superficial society I dont know what is. I lived in Korea for 2 years, and people like tl say Koreans are superficial because of plastic surgery and stuff dont realize that Korean society is super competitive and appearance oriented that girls are often forced to do it just to get ahead in society. I dont think in general they are shallow though. You see lots of beautiful women in Korea dating below average looking guys. Compare this to China. You never see guys carry a bunch of shopping bags for their gfs in Korea yet in China guys are expected to buy stuff for their gfs all the time and act like pack mules. I never had a Korean girl ask me about my salary or whether i had a car or a house. For Chinese girls it seems thats the second question they ask me after my name. I would take Koreas obsession over appearance over Chinas obsession over materialism anyday.

Why do Chinese look down on Koreans but admire Japanese?

I don’t think this is true, and if it is, it doesn’t make sense.

Why would Chinese admire Japan, a country that has tried to invade them numerous times in history? A country that massacred millions of Chinese and took Chinese as sex slaves? That took Taiwan away from them? And to this day, dispute Chinese islands as theirs? I have no idea why Chinese would admire Japan for that.

Korea on the other hand, has never invaded China, has never started any war with them (The Korean War was more between communist China and USA). Tong Zou’s answer to Why do Koreans look down on the Chinese? in my answer here I talk about how not only do Koreans not look down on Chinese, but South Korea does more business with China than any other country. Doesn’t seem like a country that Chinese should hate.

Unfortunately a lot of answers here by Chinese netizens are hating on Koreans for irrational reasons.

  1. Koreans do not claim ___ (something related to Chinese culture) is theirs. There are so many false rumors online about it, but if you ask any Korean they know that their culture and language came from China originally. Confucius is Chinese etc. Don’t believe people who say otherwise because you can ask Koreans themselves, its not true.
  2. The THAAD was forced on Korea by the USA. Chinese people think Koreans are puppets of the USA. Koreans do not do the bidding of USA. Most Koreans actually want the US off of their soil. The problem is because of North Korea. Because of North Korea, they have to keep a US presence there. The belief that Korea is somehow conspiring with the USA for an eventual invasion of China is ridiculous nonsense.

Again, let me comment about the things Korea does for China.

-China is the #1 destination for Korea international students

-China is Korea’s #1 trading partner

-Chinese is the #2 most studied foreign language in Korea after English

-China is the #1 market for Korean pop and dramas

-A lot of Korean actors/actresses study Chinese to debut in China

-Chinese are the #1 race Koreans inter-marry with outside their own

-Koreans train their salespeople to speak Chinese

-Seoul subway speaks Chinese and stations are written in Chinese characters

No other country, including Japan, does all these things for China and Chinese people. I think Chinese should realize that South Korea is a friend not an enemy. They should take the time to visit South Korea instead of believing some fake lies on the internet or netizens. There is no reason to hate another race of people who hasn’t done anything to us. Love more, Hate less. That is how the world will know peace.

Netizens are kind of the worst people though, they are bad examples of any culture because they have the worst aspects of them, being arrogant, being jealous and hateful to other cultures for no reason, and being ultra nationalistic. This isn’t limited to China but other countries netizens as well.

90% of these Chinese netizens have never been to Korea and don’t have any Korean friends and they make BS generalizations about them like all of them had plastic surgery, all korean women were ugly, they are arrogant and think they are better than Chinese (this is very ironic considering the assumption), they stole all of Chinese culture etc

I just ignore them like I ignore Trump supporters. There’s no rhyme or reason to these people, and there’s no hope of convincing them otherwise. Just go to Korea and you can see for yourself the truth, don’t believe some online people with an agenda claiming something without any empirical evidence whatsoever based on false rumors.

Edit: Oh look I already have a Chinese netizen slandering me Chara Chan’s answer to In what ways do Chinese, Japanese, and Korean culture differ from each other? how nice. You can see from her answer exactly the type of behavior I was saying, they are arrogant, jealous, hateful, and ultra nationalistic. Just to be sure – I don’t see such answers from Koreans very often on here, and at least they are willing to take criticism, it seems like with Chinese netizens they are super sensitive to taking any criticism, see here as well https://www.quora.com/Why-do-so-… also theres WAY more answers on Quora that seem to be jealous/angry Chinese slamming Korea for some reason than the other way around.

So let me tell you the story. I was born in China. my parents are Chinese. A lot of my friends are Chinese. I studied Chinese in university. It’s not like I hate China or anything. but I ended up hanging out with a lot of language students from Korea and Japan and its become obvious to me that what Chinese say about them just isn’t true. Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese are friendly people, and they don’t say anything bad about Chinese. On the other hand, mainland Chinese people have all these misconceptions and always have something negative to say about other Asian races. For example, I show my Korean friend a pic of my pretty Chinese friend and she says ‘wow shes beautiful!’. I show my Chinese friend a pic of my pretty Korean friend and she says ‘she’s ugly/fake/plastic surgery etc’. I mean cmon, why so much negative things to say about someone you don’t know?
The other thing is I noticed Chinese are super sensitive about criticism to their country. I criticize Korea and Japan too and Koreans/Japanese handle the criticism quite well I think – but as soon as I say something critical about China – Chinese people pounce on me and label me a ‘traitor’ and curse on me. They can’t handle criticism, they are too sensitive and nationalistic about their country. I don’t hate China but I think Chinese people should lighten up a bit, they get offended too easily and they should really hang out and get to know other races before making remarks about them, seriously. </end rant>

Why do a lot of Chinese, Japanese and Koreans think they are racially superior?

I think all three countries have arrogance for different reasons. Keep in mind though that I don’t think Chinese/Koreans/Japanese are overall very arrogant; I find Americans to be generally the most arrogant out of all people I’ve interacted with.

Chinese have a lot of pride in their 5,000 year history. Many Chinese will mention that Chinese written history goes back to the Shang Dynasty. Only Greece and Egypt really rival China in terms of history. China was the pre-eminent superpower in the world for over 1000 years, especially during the Middle Ages. Until Europe reached the Renaissance, China especially during the Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties was incredibly powerful. These days China is an emerging superpower still trying to shake off the disaster that was the Cultural Revolution which pushed back their development by about 100 years.

Koreans are historically quite closed and modest. They are one of the few countries that never had imperial ambitions or tried to invade another country in its history. Modern day Koreans may think they are superior to Chinese and other Asians because of the strength of their economy, entertainment, fashion and other soft influence power they have over the world which at present time is superior to Chinese/Japanese soft power.

Japanese had the most success in their history after (ironically) Americans forced them to open up in the 1850s and they were the first Asian country to industrialize. This gave them an added technological edge over other Asian countries that allowed them to conquer Korea, and a very weakened Qing Dynasty China (which previously had to fight off Western powers in the Opium wars). Japanese arrogance stems from this colonial period. They were able to take over Manchuria, Korea, Taiwan and the military was probably the most advanced in the East. Of course, they met their match when they tried to attack the USA. Modern day Japanese influences the world with their technology and animation but overall I would consider their influence to be declining compared to China and Korea.