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  • Who was better, Connie Hawkins or George McGinnis?

    This is a very interesting question. Both players played their primes in the ABA and then had a few good seasons in the NBA before declining. Both retired relatively early and their best days were finished, their athleticism robbed by age 30. I would say they are fairly close. Both players are very underrated because […]

  • What is your personal biggest “what if” in NBA history?

    too many to name here… my biggest personal ones involve the ABA. what if the ABA didn’t exist and all ABA players and blackballed players played in the NBA? Thus you would have guys like Connie Hawkins playing in his prime in the NBA Hawkins only had a short 3 year prime in the NBA […]

  • ABA players are underrated, top 10 underrated basketball players

    Another basketball post! yay! In this post I want to talk about just how underrated ABA players. Edit: I made a video about the top 10 underrated players here: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z9tVTAuHHA For those of you who don’t know, the American Basketball Association or ABA, was founded as an alternative league to the NBA and at that […]