Grammar Lesson 4 Korean

지/죠 (confirmation, agreement, certainty)

Now we look at a very common Korean ending, 죠 (지요). This a very subtle but important ending to know because its use is so widespread.

V + 지/죠

1. 지/죠 is used when you are agreeing/confirming or saying something with certainty to another person who knows what you are talking about.

이 영화는 진짜 무서웠! – This movie was really scary! (saying with certainty and confirming with another person).

맞아요, 정말 맛있. – Right, It’s indeed really delicious. (agreeing/confirming with another person).

2. When 지/죠 is used as a question ending, you are asking another person to agree with you or confirm that you are right.

재밌? – It’s fun, right?

오늘 날씨가 춥? – Today’s weather is cold right?