Does China today resemble South Korea in the 1980s or 1990s?

Tech wise, I’d say China has caught up with current day South Korea – the bullet trains in China are actually faster than the KTX, and there’s nothing Kakao can do that Wechat can’t do. The electric bikes and scooters in China are more popular than such things in South Korea as well.

I’d say the main difference lies in general prosperity of the average person. The average South Korean still makes way more money than the average Chinese person. That’s why the average Korean person has more disposable income to look better, spend money on fashion and makeup etc while Chinese seem to be obsessed with showing off their wealth (which Koreans did in the 80s/90s) that’s a common thing that happens with nouveau riche. Over time, as the average Chinese person makes more money, you will see less and less of that cause it won’t be that special anymore. “Ok so you got a LV bag, so what?”

What is the difference between a top-of-the-line iPad and a laptop computer?

I have an iPad Pro and a bunch of laptops. Honestly – the iPad Pro does 90% of what people do with a slim and light laptop generally. You can go to all your favorite websites, you can write in your blog, you can watch youtube, use facebook, twitter, reddit etc but the other 10% is stuff like:

-Any application that requires fine mouse control, personally I just prefer to use Photoshop and Excel on a laptop versus the iPad (I know there’s iPad apps for them but they are meh for me)
-AAA PC games
-torrenting or usenet or some service like that
-Video editing and Audio Production (Yes I know iMovie and Garageband is on the iPad but its nothing compared to Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, ProTools etc)

thats about it. If you do one of those things above, you still need a laptop. Otherwise an iPad Pro will serve you well.

What do you think of Japanese girls compared to other Asian girls?

I’m just gonna speak for East Asian only but, from my experience Japanese girls are the most feminine out of Chinese, Korean and Japanese, with the gap being much bigger between Chinese and Korean/Japanese than between Korean and Japanese. Most Chinese girls I know act like guys and dress like guys.

Korean girls are more similar to Japanese girls, but are more likely to express their minds more. From what I seen, Japanese girls are really passive, don’t express themselves as openly, and try really hard to be “cute”. Fashion wise, they are probably the most unique out of all of them. Compared to Korean girls who are almost all about short skirts and one piece dresses (even in the winter), and Chinese girls who as I mentioned just dress like men (pants + jeans mostly).

Makeup wise in Korean and Japanese culture both, the girls wear makeup because it is a form of manners in their culture. Again Chinese being the exception here, a lot of girls don’t wear makeup because they don’t give a damn.

Uniquely amongst them, Japanese girls seem to have something going on with their teeth… not sure what the ‘crooked teeth’ thing is about, maybe they think it looks cute.

As an apt example let me demonstrate the stereotypes of these three by doing slightly racist exaggerations:

[Guy gives Japanese girlfriend a nice gift]
Japanese girl: Ehhhhhhh?? Kawaii Desu!! Arigatooo! (so cute! thank you!), Let me buy you dinner ^^

[Guy gives Korean girlfriend a nice gift]
Korean girl: Jinjja?? Gomaweo Oppa!! (really? thanks oppa!) – *guy still has to pay for dinner afterwards

[Guy gives Chinese girlfriend a nice gift]
Chinese girl: What? That’s it? Looks too cheap. Get me a better one. – *guy still has to pay for dinner afterwards