What’s missing from buying a vinyl single compared to streaming the song whenever you feel like it?

-vinyl as an analog format, is lossless. It is literally the sound waves of the recorded music etched onto grooves. MP3s or Spotify streams are low resolution samples that are usually low bitrate and lower quality than CD quality which itself is sampled from the original master recording -vinyl has album artwork, which can be […]

Which country is better for men, China or Korea?

South Korea is for a number of reasons. Yes the men have to do mandatory military service there for 2 years but its a small price to pay for a number of advantages: Korea’s a more ‘traditional’ country where women especially in the southern parts like Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do and Jeju-do, do most or all […]

Does China today resemble South Korea in the 1980s or 1990s?

Tech wise, I’d say China has caught up with current day South Korea – the bullet trains in China are actually faster than the KTX, and there’s nothing Kakao can do that Wechat can’t do. The electric bikes and scooters in China are more popular than such things in South Korea as well. I’d say […]