What do you think of Chinese girls, and how they appear to foreigners?

Very different from other East Asian girls. This question is loaded so of course my answer will be slightly generalizing, but I think for the majority of Chinese girls I met I seem to get this impression:

While Taiwanese/Korean/Japanese girls tend to be traditionally feminine, passive, more dependent on men, Chinese girls are more independent, more dominant, more aggressive, and more money focused. They value their career and success more than anything else. They don’t focus as much on physical appearance as much as owning expensive brand name items (this might be due to the Chinese “face” culture which I hate).

Also, in a surprising twist of gender inequality, they seem to have more power than the men do. While in other patriarchal countries the men have more power than the women and the women have to do more for the men, in China its reversed: the men have to do more for the women. That means despite Chinese women almost making as much as men do, the men still have to pay for everything and do everything for the women. How did this come to be? I think communism + the skewed gender ratio are to blame.

This is just my opinion of Chinese girls from mainland. Chinese-American or Chinese-Canadian girls are very different and are closer to Western women.

Which country is better, China or America?

As much as Chinese like to believe they are a rising superpower, they are still much behind the USA. While they are second in the world in total GDP, only behind the USA, their GDP per capita is 8x lower and GDP per capita is generally a good reflection of how developed a society is. In Asia, China is by far the dominant economy but they are 5th in GDP per capita, behind Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Also Hong Kong if you want to consider that separate from China.

I also don’t think anyone would argue that the Chinese military is better than the American military, they are way behind on that as well.

In terms of technology, China is catching up on electronics (Lenovo and Huawei have been making gains on Apple and HP and Dell though the level of innovation is still behind), and is probably ahead on infrastructure (Chinese high speed rail and new buildings look far more impressive than American ones).

In terms of soft power or cultural exporting, they are behind pretty much all 4 East Asian Tigers + Japan, let alone trying to compete with Hollywood. While people around the world have heard of American movie stars and pop stars, and kpop has dominated the world as well, very few people outside of China (besides immigrant Chinese) really care about Chinese movies or bands. They have a long ways to catch up on that.

So yeah in order to catch up to the USA, here’s what Chairman Xi should do:

  1. Try to reduce the gap between rich and poor more, keep supporting the growing middle class and improving the GDP per capita
  2. Increase military spending to be more of a global force
  3. Emphasize cultural exports more and focus more on entertainment industry. This might be difficult though, since as a communist state, creative expression is a little difficult.

Canada vs America

Lived in Canada for 14 years and USA for 7 years.

Canada is the better place to live and start a family. Low healthcare costs, low tuition costs, less dangerous, less risk of dying in a firearm-related incident, less homeless, more social safety net, friendlier people, less racial tensions.

America is the better place to work – if you are in a professional field. If you are in a blue collar field – then Canada is better. USA is better for entrepreneurs by far. For higher education – the USA has the best universities if you can afford them. If you can’t afford American universities then I think Canadian public universities are adequate enough. The lower tier of American universities are shit and way worse than any Canadian university.

So basically the jobs and education really depend on what end of the spectrum you are on. The USA has the best on the high end and the worst on the low end. Canada tends to be more in the middle with both. This reflects the fact that Canada has a stronger middle class than the USA does and less income inequality, to it being a socialist democracy.

Go to the US if:

-You have a high education, are a professional in some industry, and want to be paid a high salary

-You like warmer climates like California or Florida or Hawaii

-You like to own guns

-You like to buy goods at generally the cheapest prices and the most widely available goods

-You don’t like high taxes

-You like crazy political climates

-You are conservative in some way

-You are planning to start a corporation or business

Go to Canada if:

-You need good social welfare

-You plan to raise kids

-You like cheap education and healthcare

-You are sick often

-You don’t like guns

-You like colder climates

-You like to live in a generally peaceful place where very little happens

-You are liberal