Do you think Chinese people are brainwashed?

Not the same way North Koreans are brainwashed. Chinese people have the ability to leave their country and visit other countries.

However, I feel mainland Chinese people are incredibly nationalistic. All peoples are nationalistic but I find them especially so. And you will find that a large majority of Chinese people think the following:

-they think that Taiwan belongs to China

-they think that China has the most beautiful women

-they think that Japanese are evil

-they always talk about their 5000 years of culture even though modern day China has little left of it

-Most Chinese are not aware of the Tiananmen square massacre at all

-Most Chinese still believe that Mao Zedong did more good than harm

-they think that Koreans stole their culture and the women are all plastic

-even though they are atheist they believe in superstitions for example feng shui or certain numbers etc

-They believe certain areas of China that were part of China thousands of years ago still belong to China today

-Chinese people seem to put a lot of faith into their government. I’ve seen them use extreme cases to justify certain questionable government decisions. For example, banning foreign websites: Foreigners think its extremely limiting to freedom but Chinese people think its a good thing because it protects their domestic industry. censoring sex/violence in entertainment: Foreigners think its extreme, Chinese people think that having sex/violence in entertainment will lead to people becoming depraved criminals. censoring social media: Foreigners think it limits freedom, Chinese people think having a free social media is too crazy and chaotic and unstable. The government makes them wear ugly track outfits for school. Foreigners think Korean/Japanese school uniforms look better. Chinese people think its distracts them from studying and looks too sexy. Chinese people seem to place a premium on stability and harmony over freedom and flexibility, I think.

In other ways they are not brainwashed but I do find them to be close minded in this sense, they accept certain things to be true about other countries or cultures without any empirical evidence.


How is China’s communist party rule different than other unsuccessful communist regime?

China isn’t the same country as it was when Mao Zedong was chairman.

Mao-era China was essentially what North Korea is now.

Today’s China is a meritocratic capitalist country with fierce government control is the way I would describe it.

So, how does China compare with its more ‘democratic’ neighbors Japan/Korea/ROC(Taiwan)?

-In China, the ruling party is decided by meritocracy not by the people. The person who is most qualified to lead gets to lead. This avoids the situations like in the USA where an unqualified leader could be elected. But also means if you don’t like the person you can’t remove them. i.e Xi Jinping has decided to remove term limits. If he doesn’t do a good job, the people can’t do anything about it, but they trust him to do a good job. More likely though – if he doesn’t do a good job, the CCP will probably replace him.

-In China you cannot protest against the government publicly or lead a protest group either online or offline. A lot of censorship takes place on social media, though obviously they can’t censor people just discussing about it in person.

-In China the government censors sex/violence in movies/video games. This is supposedly to make the people more ‘pure’ but I don’t think it really makes any difference, people will just get their fix from the black market anyways

-In China, foreign websites are (mostly) blocked. Quora is not, but Facebook and Youtube are. This is supposedly for the benefit of their domestic companies but also has the downside of isolating its people in a bubble. A lot of people use VPN anyways but it does slow down the connection.

Other than these points I don’t find any other meaningful difference between the way China is run than its surrounding (non-communist) countries