What would happen if China opened up trade during Qing Dynasty and modernized early?

Would entirely change China’s history. If Qing emperors weren’t so close minded and xenophobic and actually opened up their country to trade circa 1700s, everything would change. First of all, China would be the first to industrialize in Asia, not Japan. If Japan did not industrialize first, it would have lost to China and the Sino-Japanese Wars […]

Are South Koreans arrogant and superficial as they say to be?

No, not in general. I find Koreans to be actually quite humble about themselves and perhaps insecure as well. You gotta understand Korea is a very Confucian country and has a strict hierarchy. As a general rule you cannot show arrogance to your boss or higher ups, it’s not tolerated. You must show humility. Most Koreans live cookie cutter lives where […]

What kind of Chinese things have ever puzzled you?

I’m Chinese-Canadian. I have to say that a lot of things about Chinese culture puzzles me. I don’t understand why the rich elite spend so much money on trivial items to show their status and wealth. It seems completely opposite the way Mark Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley elites show their wealth; they don’t really show […]