Why is it easy to find Westerners obsessed with Japan and Korea, but not China?

  1. China lacks cultural exports because they focus on their domestic market. Korea has kpop, Japan has anime
  2. China is/was communist (even if its in name only) and USA is staunchly anti-communist
  3. Western media always focuses on lack of freedoms, censorships and human rights issues in China rather than the positive sides of China
  4. China is ‘taking away US jobs’ and an evolving superpower
  5. Chinese tourist’s bad reputation certainly doesn’t help

Is censorship in America getting close to matching censorship in China?

No; for example you can protest the government in America whereas in China you would be arrested for it. You can believe in kooky Alex Jones conspiracy theories in America – but in China you would be tortured and have your organs ‘donated’ ala Falun Gong practitioners. You are allowed to play games and watch movies with violent and sexual content in America whereas you would have to do so illegally in China via torrenting. In America you are allowed to visit Chinese websites without a VPN – in China you cannot visit foreign websites without a VPN. In America you are allowed to make fun of Trump on twitter and spread memes about him – in China any spreading of negative posts on Xi Jinping will be scrubbed. So no… its not getting close.

Are Chinese laws deliberately written to be ambiguous?

So its not just China, in many parts of the world there are laws you can break and laws that you shouldn’t break. For example in the USA, if you murder someone you WILL be brought to court. If you evade taxes, the IRS will get you for that. However, lesser illegal acts like smoking weed or downloading illegal torrents online isn’t likely to get you anything more than just a warning.

In China its similar. If you organize a protest, you will get arrested for that. Drug dealing? yup that’s a big offense. But if you get it on with some prostitutes in a karaoke even though prostitution is technically illegal, no one’s gonna care. distribute some games or movies illegally, no one’s gonna care. Visit some foreign websites using a VPN which millions do in China even though you’re not supposed to, no one cares. All depends on the degree of the crime of course.

Not all illegal acts are equal, and it widely depends on the country. Consequences for smoking weed or doing drugs is ALOT worse in Asia than it is in America.