If you had a playoffs filled with all time all star NBA teams who would win the championship?i

Ok so personally here would be my all time all star team starters and the seeds: 1st seed: LA Lakers PG – Magic Johnson SG – Kobe BryantSF – Elgin Baylor PF – Kareem Abdul-JabbarC – ShaqCoach: Pat Riley 2nd seed: Boston Celtics PG – Bob CousySG – Sam JonesSF – Larry Bird PF – Kevin Garnett C – […]

What’s the best team that did not win (or almost win) the NBA Champions?

My top 10 teams that were never NBA champions: 2016 Golden State Warriors – 73–9 (all time record): HOFers – Steph Curry, (possibly) Klay Thompson, (possibly) Draymond Green 1973 Boston Celtics – 68–14 (franchise record): HOFers – Dave Cowens, John Havlicek, Jo Jo White 2007 Dallas Mavericks – 67–15 (franchise record): HOFers – Dirk Nowitzki […]

Who would you put in a starting five lineup of retired NBA legends that never won a ring?

PG: John Stockton / Steve Nash SG: George Gervin / Allen Iverson SF: Elgin Baylor / Dominique Wilkins PF: Karl Malone / Charles Barkley C: Patrick Ewing / Nate Thurmond PS: I would put CP3 and Dwight Howard if current players were allowed.