What is the best team in the past 15 years should have won a championship but didn’t?

-2000 Portland Trailblazers (lost to Lakers in 7) -2002 Sacramento Kings (lost to Lakers in 7, controversially) -2005 Detroit Pistons (lost to Spurs in 7) -2006 Dallas Mavericks (lost to Heat in 6) -2008 Los Angeles Lakers (lost to Celtics in 7) -2011 Miami Heat (lost to Mavericks in 6) -2013 San Antonio Spurs (lost […]

If you had a playoffs filled with all time all star NBA teams who would win the championship?i

Ok so personally here would be my all time all star team starters and the seeds: 1st seed: LA Lakers PG – Magic Johnson SG – Kobe BryantSF – Elgin Baylor PF – Kareem Abdul-JabbarC – ShaqCoach: Pat Riley 2nd seed: Boston Celtics PG – Bob CousySG – Sam JonesSF – Larry Bird PF – Kevin Garnett C – […]