What are the advantages of strict censorship like they have in China?

The advantage is that you keep the (majority) of the population brainwashed to support your policies. if Chinese people can’t interact with foreigners, can’t go to foreign websites, only consume Chinese media (which of course, they believe is totally unbiased all the while screaming that Western media is biased), and everything is controlled by state […]

Why does China blanket ban all sex and violence from entertainment instead of creating a rating system like in other countries (Japan, Korea, America, Europe etc)?

I really don’t know. The most common explanation given is that by banning all sex and violence from entertainment, that keeps Chinese society stable and safe and lowers the crime rate and thats why China is so safe. But is that really the reason? Or is it more culture-related? Let’s look at the world map […]

Is censorship in America getting close to matching censorship in China?

No; for example you can protest the government in America whereas in China you would be arrested for it. You can believe in kooky Alex Jones conspiracy theories in America – but in China you would be tortured and have your organs ‘donated’ ala Falun Gong practitioners. You are allowed to play games and watch […]