Is the CCP encouraging the rise of Chinese nationalism?

I’m not sure if the CCP actually encourages extreme nationalism, but it certainly isn’t doing much to prevent it.

Since the opening of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 I feel that Chinese have gotten considerably more prideful and dare I say, arrogant since then.

I can only speak from personal anecdotes. I’ve seen Chinese people and Western people living in China post the most biased answers on Quora, upvoted 1k+ times by other Chinese nationalists. This is only the segment of Chinese who are either abroad or using a VPN (since Quora is banned in China), I can only imagine what it’s like on Zhihu.

You can do a search on Quora: notice that all the answers regarding China written by Chinese that have massive amount of upvotes have something the lines of:

[shows pictures of China’s high speed rail system and skyscrapers] -> China’s the best country! we have the best technology! see, there’s no poverty here at all!

[shows pictures of Chinese food] -> China has the best food! way better than Japan/Korea! etc

One poster even went out his way to search for the ugliest pictures of Korean/Japanese school uniforms he could find, and the best pictures of Chinese uniforms he could find, to show that Chinese school uniforms were actually ‘prettier’ (he failed, they still looked worse).

And from personal experiences, it seems that Chinese almost never miss a chance to praise their technology, development, food, women, etc especially at the expense of either America, Korea, Japan or Taiwan. Whenever one of those countries have an issue, Chinese jump on it.

Korea president goes to jail? we never have that problem! Our country is perfectly stable! Taiwan and Japan economy declining? Well that’s because our country is better! USA having issues with Trump? Well we don’t elect our leaders so we don’t have that problem!

And they rationalize the CCP’s blanket decisions by thinking in the extreme. Ban on sex/violence/too much video game playing? It’s so that we don’t have a country of sex-addicted criminals! Censorship on social media? its for a more stable country just look at the chaos in the US! Everything is justified by thinking in the extreme. It’s actually not unlike how in the US, Republicans justify their expensive healthcare by assuming that anything socialist will lead the country to become like Venezuela or that any firearm restrictions will turn the whole country into a crime riddled dystopia like Chicago.

Also don’t forget: Korea and Japan stole everything from China, and they are US puppets. Chinese never miss a chance to put down other countries, even if those countries never provoked them, even if they never talked to any Korean/Japanese before and personally I’ve never met a Korean/Japanese person who insulted any Chinese person, but Chinese cannot pass up a chance to assert their superiority.

Of course Chinese also say ‘but Americans brag about themselves all the time too and are nationalistic too, so we can be like that too’. Hmm. I thought Chinese didn’t want to be like America. Oh wait.. biggest income inequality gap in Asia, likes to be bullies to their neighbors, almost no traditional Chinese clothing in favor of casual Western style clothing, everyone for themself culture, thinks that their political system and culture is the best.. China is almost exactly like America.

Now where I have a problem is that Chinese people can’t seem to take any kind of criticism of their country well, they perceive everything as an insult, and are way too sensitive to any kind of feedback. I’ve had so many Chinese collapse my answers and comments on Quora, for no other reason other than because it was ‘anti-Chinese’ (really? my parents are Chinese FYI, since when is using empirical evidence + trying to be unbiased “anti-Chinese”?)

Tong Zou’s answer to What do you dislike the most about Chinese people? I’ve already gone over this here.

So look it’s ok to have pride in your country and achievements, but I just wish Chinese would tone it down a little. Arrogance was the main reason why they had that ‘century of humiliation’ last time. If this continues, it seems like it will happen again.

It’s ok to be humble about your achievements. But I’ve never met a Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese that boasts about their country and achievements as often or as voraciously as mainland Chinese people do. And although Chinese like to say Americans are arrogant and nationalistic, you will notice a lot of Americans don’t like their country these days either. The USA is split between half of which support the current President and half of which hate his guts. On the other hand, I think something like 80–85% of Chinese people support Xi Jinping and the CCP. quite a big difference from the 35% that support Trump in the USA.

If I had to guess, I think the extreme nationalism is not solely because of CCP propaganda and education but an overcompensation for the century of humiliation and the Mao-era where China was far behind other powers. Now that China has caught up – Chinese people have been so caught up in the rapid progress of their country that they express their patriotism (i.e extreme patriotism is nationalism) in extreme ways, and are very defensive about it.

-my 2 cents from interacting with Chinese-Canadians, Chinese-Americans, mainland Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwanese, Koreans, Japanese, Americans etc  btw keep this answer saved. It might be collapsed by Quora soon as well. Quora is surprisingly pro-Chinese, which you will notice in which answers gets upvoted the most and which answers get collapsed the most.


Is China too big for a democracy? After speaking to some Chinese, their view is that the country is too populous, diverse and it would reduce economic progress and institutions to a crawl

I actually agree with Chinese people for this one. The problem with having a big populous diverse country while being a democracy is that you cannot possibly represent everyone with only two or three parties. In the USA this is particularly the case. Two parties representing 320+ million people. How is that possible? No wonder they bicker and argue all the time – and as a result nothing really gets done.

The US government is currently under a shut-down due to the inability of the politicians to compromise. That’s what happens when you have a few parties that tries to represent a large mass of people.

India’s population is on par with China’s now and they are also a democracy – but I would say China’s leadership has been more efficient than India’s as well.

One party leadership is undoubtedly more efficient: you don’t have to deal with lobbyists or corporations trying to influence your party, and you don’t have to deal with trying to compromise with the other party, and you don’t have to worry about being voted out by your constituents if they don’t like your plans (in a country of 1.3 billion it would be pretty much impossible to get a plan going that satisfies everyone), meaning the party can put forth their plan with little to no opposition. That’s why China can do things relatively quickly while the US might take years and years to do the same thing.

Now granted I’m not a big fan of the CCP or anything, I really hate how they have to censor things “for the sake of the country” when really its just limiting people’s freedoms, but I can’t disagree with how efficient the CCP is at getting stuff done.


Why do so many people love China’s government?

I think you gotta see it from Chinese point of view not from Westerner’s point of view.

For Chinese people, their lives improved dramatically from the Cultural Revolution days to now. My parents couldn’t go to university, couldn’t own a TV, had to carry red books with them all the time. That was the time that they grew up in.

Now, China is modernizing, just a few years ago they didn’t even have 3G networks now they have full LTE networks everywhere, bullet trains, skyscrapers everywhere, smartphones everywhere etc so the economy improved a lot for the middle class.

Now as Westerners think, there are problems with the Chinese government, mainly lack of freedom + censorship.

Here’s the thing: Chinese people don’t value freedom as much as Westerners do. They value stability more.
-We think not being able to access Facebook, Google, Youtube, Wikipedia etc is hard to live with. Chinese people don’t really miss it – they have their own domestic competitors WeChat, Baidu, Youku, Zhihu etc and since most Chinese cannot speak English well, its unlikely many Chinese would use foreign websites even if they had access to it. The Chinese that do speak English well, are usually tech savvy enough to use a VPN, so it’s not a problem for them.
-We think censoring sex/violence in entertainment is too extreme. Chinese people are fine living without a rating system because they think it will corrupt the youth (not saying this is true, but that’s what they believe)
-How about having political opinions online censored? Well there’s an easy solution, just don’t talk about politics. As far as I’ve noticed, talking about politics and religion almost always leads to fights and arguments in Western countries anyways.
-We put a huge premium on privacy online, as Facebook has gotten into troubles about these days. Chinese people don’t care – they know their government spies on them, but they don’t care. As long as you aren’t doing anything bad, you don’t have a problem.

So there you have it, Chinese people like the economic progress and they are fine with censorship in the name of stability.