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  • Why don’t we have flying cars?

    The question isn’t that whether or not we can build flying cars – actually flying cars have been built since the 1900s the dawn of cars and planes (isn’t it surprising that planes and cars were invented almost around the same time? given flying is much more difficult than driving?) Aerocar – Wikipedia Moulton Taylor built one of…

  • What is a feature that luxury cars have since the last 20-30 years that normal cars still don’t have today?

    These interiors. It’s like the difference between first class and economy class on a plane isn’t it? Granted these are from Bentley / Mercedes-Maybach and Rolls Royce, the cream of the crop of luxury vehicles. Your average BMW or Audi don’t have these roomy interiors either.

  • My gadget history

    I guess continuing from where I left off at my fashion style, and similar yet different than my semi-annual gadget update posts, I just want to list my main gadgets over the years, the ones I carry and use everyday. I’ll also include vehicles, just for kicks because they are also “gadgets” in a way.…