What are some American practices that Canadians find odd?

Using dollar bills all made of the same color and using old material (cotton). Why not upgrade the bills to make it more fraud proof like Canada did? Not using the Metric system. God do I hate Fahrenheit especially. Impossible to tell how cold or warm it is. Love of guns.. why Americans love their […]

Is the USA truly the best country to live in? If not what country is? (In terms of most advanced)

This answer might be a bit biased but in my opinion, CANADA is. -Canada is one of the safest countries in the world -Canada has universal healthcare and relatively affordable education -As long as you avoid Vancouver and Toronto, the housing is relatively affordable as well -Canadians are very polite and friendly people -Canada is […]

What’s normal in Canada, but weird in other countries?

Well alot of what would be considered ‘weird’ would be coming from Americans but Canada shares a lot in common with the UK. Milk comes in bags, not cartons.. we pronounce ‘Z’ ‘zed’ not ‘zee’. We use British spellings for words like metre centre colour etc We have english and french labels for everything since […]