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  • Why is it so difficult for Canadian franchises to expand to the US?

    Possibly because: Canadian companies don’t have access to as much investment capital as American companies do and expanding into a very saturated very large market requires ALOT of capital Canadian investors are generally more risk averse than American investors Canadian companies have to compete harder just on the basis of not being an American company. […]

  • Why are business laptops so expensive?

    I haven’t bought a consumer class laptops since 2007. Business laptops are the way to go and I’m happy to pay a premium for it. Why? Because they are built better, last longer, come with a better warranty, had fingerprint sensors long before consumer laptops got them recently, a lot of them were tested under […]

  • Startup Weekend Toronto

    Edit: looks like these guys are on their way! http://www.vuru.co/ I attended Startup Weekend in Toronto during the weekend. What an experience that was! Met lots of great people, there were lots of great ideas, and everyone was a fellow entrepreneur minded individual like me. Everyone pitches their idea, and then everyone gets together into […]