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  • If you could rank your top 10 favorite watch brands, what would they be and why?

    I’m going to have divide this into two sections – watch brands that I admire (but cannot afford), and watch brands that are affordable to me, that I personally own (< $3k) that I like. Watch brands that I admire (but cannot afford) (1) A Lange & Sohne absolutely gorgeous design, beautifully decorated, very very […]

  • What’s the best tasting bottled water?

    First, let me start this rant by mentioning the fact that all these ‘best bottled water’ articles when you do a Google search are pretty BS and full of crap. Look at this one I found: https://www.greenerchoices.org/best-bottled-water/ Here are some exerpts: “It’s certainly not the cheapest water in the world, but the price is fair […]

  • When will made in China be as respected as made in Japan or made in Korea?

    The thing is made in China encompasses such a diverse array of products. IPhones and MacBooks are made in China, but those are often thought of as high quality products. Most people associate made in China products with cheap knock off products on Walmart and Amazon, and that’s true, there is a lot of Chinese […]