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  • What is your favorite brand of potato chips?

    I got quite a few. Covered Bridge This company hails from New Brunswick, Canada and they made some really nice chips, love the flavor and texture of these. Not sure how widely available they are in the US but in Canada I would usually go for these. 2. Dirty When I lived in California, I […]

  • What’s the most underrated tech brand?

    The most underrated tech brand is Sony. Many people have this image of Sony as being a company that was once innovative, but has since fallen from grace and is now mostly known for gaming (Playstation), Music (Sony Music) and Movies (Columbia Pictures), the latter two not particularly related to tech. Let me explain why […]

  • Which laptop brands are the best and worst? Why?

    So, qualification for myself, I collect computers and laptops especially: My favorite laptop brands: -ThinkPads. I own like 4 of them. Seriously they are awesome, the older Lenovos and IBMs tend to be better though. The ThinkPad X61 is my personal fav. The ThinkPad 25 which i also own below is my daily driver: -Dell […]