Why do I keep getting screwed?

Well my worst fears came true. Looks like QuadrigaCX, the exchange I used to transfer my money back from the US to Canada, is going bankrupt and is probably a ponzi scam. Crazy. All sorts of conspiracy theories going on. Also, haven’t been able to sleep well these past few days. Been busy talking to other people on telegram who lost their money + getting lawyers into action, signing affidavits etc.

So basically I sold my beautiful SF apartment for nothing. Just great. Last year I thought I had reached the bottom. Lost $150k of my money to the crypto crash + ICO scams + masternode scams. Broke up with my gf. Forced to sell off my apartment to pay off loans.

Now as if that wasn’t enough, this year I’m having trouble finding a job again, the US probably won’t let me get another job again due to their strict border security and too many past TN visas and of course losing the rest of my money in a ponzi scheme (over $400k).

I’m an idiot. I fell to the same trap I fell in last year. I got too greedy, I was too impatient. Why did I put everything in one place? Why did I transfer all my money over when I never even got a single withdrawal from this exchange yet? I trusted them too much. They were Canada’s oldest exchange, I just never thought it would come to something like this. It’s unbelievable. That’s all my life savings gone because of basically just using the wrong exchange to send my money back. And now I have to deal with a lawsuit that will probably take years, just for me to see pennies on the dollar back.

So yeah, 2018 was not a good year. 2019 so far has been even worse. What’s worse than losing my apartment and 1/3rd of my net worth? well losing the remaining 2/3rds of my net worth of course!

I have really been stressed these days preparing for interviews in Seattle/Vancouver on top of that, but it looks like my plan will all have to be put on hold. Paying back my parents, buying a Vancouver condo, making passive income, renting a place out etc it will take me years and years to make back this money. On top of that, no Korean girl (or any other girl for that matter) will want to date a guy with no money or apartment anymore.

I don’t really know how it could get much worse than this. Most of my Korean/SF friends are busy with their own lives so I haven’t talked to them much. I guess the only solace is that at least I am still alive and breathing, and I’m not brain dead or paralyzed. My family is still there – for now. and that’s really it. Start over anew again just like in 2011, except this time I’m 30 years old, not 23 anymore :/ I suppose this is a life lesson on how I shouldn’t be greedy or materialistic and start cherishing the invaluable things in life.. not money, but rather my friendships and relationships and memories I’ve made over the years.


This year isn’t getting any better…

So another update so far. I’m in the middle of my Korea trip. Met a lot of my Korean friends which was good, but most of them were in Seoul. I spent 6 weeks in Seoul, and now I got 3 weeks in Busan before I head out to Osaka/Shanghai/HongKong for a nice 2 week trip before returning back to Toronto to see my parents for Christmas.

Busan is a nice city. Weather and air is much better than Seoul. I haven’t been able to enjoy it much though, the past week I’ve been sick with the flu. Some guy gave it to me on my last day in Seoul staying at my dorm. So I haven’t been really able to go outside that much. In addition, my Google Pixel 2 that I was using Project Fi to get data for, suddenly died on me about the same time. So I have no phone to use for data anymore. I ordered a replacement Pixel 1 (since I can’t send back the Pixel 2 for warranty in Korea, gotta wait until I’m back in California for that) and that takes 2 weeks to arrive from the US. I don’t want any international data plans or roaming plans so I guess I’ll just have to wait. I also don’t have many Busan friends anyways, so I am not meeting many people these days either.

Update: The Google Pixel 1 replacement I got sent, arrived 2 weeks later but IT DIED AS WELL, unbelievable. As soon as I started charging it, it died. I drained the battery fully then charged it again and then it started working, but I promptly then lost it 3 days later in a taxi while I was drunk from clubbing. FML. That’s gotta be a new record for shortest amount of time with a phone. Now I’ve got no phone number or data abroad anymore…

In addition to all this, QuadrigaCX, the Canadian Bitcoin exchange I’m using to transfer my money back to Canada, apparently has withdrawal problems that will take 3-4 months to resolve. Yeah, I had no idea either. So most of my money (over $500k CAD) is stuck in that account well into next year it seems. Just my luck.. I really hope they are trustworthy else God really has it in for me this year. As if losing $250k (1/3rd of my net worth) this year from the crypto crash wasn’t enough! I really hope the rest of my money will be ok! Oh – and ofc I invested in the stock market at the all time high on Oct 3 and everything has gone down since then – AND the crypto market is at its lowest point this year! Investments really hate me this year. Oh yeah and my Google Authenticator codes were all on my dead Google Pixel 2 -I don’t have the backup keys so I have to manually contact all the exchanges just to disable the 2FA so I can access my money again! Dammit…

Also.. finding another Korean girl? Yeah I am beginning to lose hope. I thought about my ex a lot these days. Most of my Korean friends don’t have anyone to introduce to me because at my age (30 years old) they are all already married or in long term relationships. I don’t have enough time in Korea to really meet someone anyways. Tinder as I already mentioned has a bug for me. MEEF/HelloTalk/Conversation Exchange seems to be full of girls who ignore my messages. And I don’t like to go to bars/clubs. Korean matchmakers and dating sites explicitly ban foreigners from using it. Korean girls abroad in Canada/USA are mostly students who will go back to Korea anyways. And even if they find someone, they will want a white dude. So yeah, its almost hopeless for me. I’m going to be lonely for a while, it seems…

Nothing else to really say. I need a miracle to save me now. Next year just has to be better than this year right?


Worst Financial year ever

Everything I touch turned to dust this year. I’m still on my anti-depressant medication because otherwise I would have killed myself by now. Seriously. Let’s count the ways.

-in Jan, Korea had the crypto premium at 40%. I didn’t make use of the crypto account my gf made for me, and the premium is now completely gone.
-In Jan, I had a gain of 50k on my crypto. I didn’t sell or take profits. Now I’m down 170k. That’s a swing of 220k. +50 to -170.
-In Feb, the only ICO I invested in last year at $1.10 each debuted at $4 each. I could have sold right then and there and took $30k profit but of course I didn’t. I kept holding, and now this month I sold it at $0.90 each. Yup, I lost $2k when I could have been up $30k.
-In Jan/Feb I invested in a lot of stupid risky ICOs – over 20 of them. I thought if even ONE of them did a 10x I could make up for the other ones. Nope, turned out ALL of them except two went down 80-90% and the two that made me money only went up 50%. That hardly makes up for my losses. I’m down 37 ETH on that.
-In Jan/Feb I took out 3 loans to average down for a total of 85k + 5k in origination fees/interest. And… the market went down 70% since then. So yeah, that was stupid as well.
-I sold off all my stocks at the beginning of the year to put all into crypto. The AMZN/TSLA/NVDA stocks I sold subsequently went up 50%+ and crypto went down 70%. FML.
-In Apr/May I got scammed 1.5ETH by people pretending to be admins on telegram.
-In Apr I lost $2300 shipping a package because I didn’t use the USPS Priority mail and it didn’t have tracking to Canada. Buyer complained, I had to pay it back since I had no way of proving it was delivered.
-Worst timing ever. I sell EOS and ETC, a few days later it goes up 20%. I sell BITG literally the next day it jumps up by 50%. Why? why does this happen to me?
-In June I put a lot of my money into masternode coins to try and stabilize. I sold off a lot of coins at the bottom because I wanted to make some stable income. Well guess what, those coins are up 30-40% now, and my masternode coins are down 70%. Of course. One of them even went down 90%. I lost over 2 BTC on those. Even when I am trying to stabilize I end up losing money.
-In June when I was trying to get my place renovated, the movers lost my $1000 camera. Seriously, wtf? I can’t even get something as simple as moving my items done without losing money???

So yeah (and don’t forget my gf broke up with me early in the year, my job gets more and more tedious and I’m on meds now) this is easily the most horrible year I’ve had in recent memory. Please, please let this year end soon. Last year was boring but I was at least steadily gaining money. This year, 1/3rd of my net worth is gone, and everything I try to do to get it back only loses me more money. What is happening to me? I must be the anti-Midas touch. I even lost my friends money as I got them into the same masternode coins. My only saving grace is I really hope my apartment sells for above market value to at least make back for some of my losses…