What is the best team in the past 15 years should have won a championship but didn’t?

-2000 Portland Trailblazers (lost to Lakers in 7) -2002 Sacramento Kings (lost to Lakers in 7, controversially) -2005 Detroit Pistons (lost to Spurs in 7) -2006 Dallas Mavericks (lost to Heat in 6) -2008 Los Angeles Lakers (lost to Celtics in 7) -2011 Miami Heat (lost to Mavericks in 6) -2013 San Antonio Spurs (lost […]

What is the absolute best electric guitar solo?

Hmm, here are a few of my personal favorites Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd (Allen Collins & Gary Rossington) – incredible dual guitar solo that is still one of the best to play in a Rock Band or Guitar Hero game in front of your friends Hotel California – The Eagles (Don Felder & Joe Walsh) […]

What is the greatest RPG of all time and why?

Here’s my top 20 Chrono Trigger (forever a place in my heart, i’d still play it over and over every day) Final Fantasy VI Mother 3 Persona 5 Golden Sun Pokemon Gold & Silver (the best generation IMO) Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Terranigma Fallout New Vegas Seiken Dentsetsu 3 Ultima IV Star Ocean Phantasy Star Grandia […]