Jordan’s stats head to head versus the best defensive guards of his era prove he was unstoppable

I do have the stats here for head to head against various other great defensive guards of his era and it’s safe to say that nobody could really guard Jordan.

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Vs Sidney Moncrief (2x DPOY)

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Vs Joe Dumars (5x All-Def)

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Vs Michael Cooper (1x DPOY)

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Vs Dennis Johnson (9x All-Def)

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Vs Alvin Robertson (1x DPOY)

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Vs Gary Payton (1x DPOY)

Jordan dropped 30+ on every great defensive guard of his era. And what’s more, held them all to 15pts and below.


What is your game of the 2010s decade?

There’s quite a few options.. for me these would be the games from the 2010s most impactful on me

-Starcraft II (2010) – played this for countless hours with friends and my brother

-Diablo 3 (2012) – ^ same

-Hearthstone (2014) – ^ same

-Overwatch (2017) – how does Blizzard keep doing this?

-PUBG (2017) – hard to understate how influential this game has been it has spawned an entire genre of battle royale games

-Minecraft (2011) – this is probably the right answer for this question even though I don’t play it. Minecraft is a pop culture phenomenon and the single best selling game of all time.

-GTA 5 (2013) – the best selling console game of the decade and one of the best selling games of all time

-The Last of Us (2013) – the swan song of the PS3 and some might say its greatest game

-Zelda Breath of the Wild (2017) – the best launch title ever? Or up there, at least

-Bioshock Infinite (2013) – a personal fav of mine, I don’t beat a lot of games but this one I played all the way to the end

-Fallout New Vegas (2010) – ^ same

-Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (2011) – this game has been modded and worked on for seemingly ages – and Bethesda is STILL using its engine to this day!

-Witcher 3 (2015) – so successful that now there’s a Netflix series about it

-Sims 4 (2014) – I mean this had to be on here because what a cash cow this series is for casual players

-Sleeping Dogs (2012) – this is the “GTA clone” I’ve sunk more hours into than any other game and that includes GTA 5

-Borderlands 2 (2012) – such a great co-op game, in a genre where there’s less and less of that

-Far Cry 4 (2014) – yes I know it’s not the best far cry (some might say 3) but for me I’ve played this game with a buddy the longest out of any other game


Who are the greatest NBA players to never win a championship?

  1. Karl Malone
  2. Elgin Baylor
  3. Charles Barkley
  4. John Stockton
  5. Allen Iverson
  6. Chris Paul
  7. George Gervin
  8. Steve Nash
  9. James Harden
  10. Russell Westbrook