Amongst Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans in Asia, is the sense of rivalry stronger than the sense of comradery?

I wouldn’t say its rivalry, but more like nationalism in all three countries. Chinese people feel strongly about making their domestic industries competitive, part of the reason they shut out foreign applications and websites. Tencent, Baidu, Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, ZTE, Meizu are a few of China’s tech companies that are gaining a lot of popularity. […]

What is your opinion about China and Chinese people?

I guess I come from the unique perspective of having been to all the East Asian countries (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea) and my feelings about China has changed because of this. Roughly 30% of my friends are Chinese and 40% Korean. Before I lived in Korea, I was in China for a few months, visiting […]

Comparisons of East Asia, China vs America

I just finished my trip to Taiwan, which concludes the last East Asian country I’ll be visiting. I visited China first in 2011, then Korea in 2013, then Japan and Taiwan this year. I already talked about some of these differences. Below you can see some videos I made. I think that every one of […]