What’s your opinion about South Korea?

A great country for social conservatives, for men, young people and a great country for nightlife. For liberals/feminists/vegans, workers and for women – not so much. They work really hard, they study really hard and they play really hard. They probably work amongst the most hours in the OECD and they also drink probably the […]

What kind of Chinese things have ever puzzled you?

I’m Chinese-Canadian. I have to say that a lot of things about Chinese culture puzzles me. I don’t understand why the rich elite spend so much money on trivial items to show their status and wealth. It seems completely opposite the way Mark Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley elites show their wealth; they don’t really show […]

Which place is better to live in, China or Taiwan?

The answer Annie gave is very biased I think, so let me give a more unbiased answer: it depends what you are looking for. Taiwan has more GDP per capit than China. People on average earn more money, its a more “free” country, very developed infrastructure, you are allowed to visit any website, you are allowed […]