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  • Why is KakaoTalk more popular in Korea than in Japan?

    You’ll notice the messenger apps used around the world have a rather nationalistic slant to it. China uses WeChat (and blocks Kakao and LINE) because WeChat is developed by a Chinese company, Tencent, and the Chinese government wants to monitor all the messages on its platforms – WeChat complied hence it has a strong national […]

  • Updates – Korean, NAS storage, UMPCs, reviews

    Ok I haven’t formally updated for a while (just made lists of NBA players and gadgets) so here’s whats been going on: Life… I’ve been increasingly irritated these days, but not sure of the exact reason. Ever since I came back from Korea, I’ve been depressed and thinking about it everyday and wanting to go […]

  • Accident, Updates, Korea, Food, Recording

    Edit: Boycott the Hangover 3!!! As many of you know, as long as people keep watching these movies that exploit asian stereotypes, they will keep making more, as I have explained my thoughts about this movie before. Don’t watch it else they will make more! I posted my first video log about my updates recently […]